Friday, April 21, 2006

A Vision of Chaos

So the company I work at is moving to a new building today. Yep, moving an entire company. Can you say, "good times"?!

And apparently the movers show up today at 2pm PST. It's almost noon and I was just walking around to see where things stood and it just ain't lookin' good, peeps! Here's a shot of one of the rooms now.

Does it look like this will be ready to go by 2pm to anyone?

Yeah, me neither. Especially being that the entire place looks like that!!

Of course, a better question might be .... what the hell is the company doing with one of these??

And how do I find a work related use for it at my desk??? :)

Anyway, wish us luck. And send any Time-Slowing Devices you may have. I'm thinkin' we will need them!!! ;)

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