Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This is fascinating!

So I just read today where a British and American citizen were detained for crossing (on foot!!!) the Bering Strait into Russia. They had failed to first gain the Russian government's permission and didn't enter at an official border crossing.

Apparently this British Citizen, Karl Bushby, has a quest to walk the entire world. He started in 1998 and has completed almost half the trek so far. He has a team in the UK who blog about his progress. And Karl adds some journalling posts and photos as well.

Y'all should check out his website. Those entries are absolutely fascinating! Man, talk about crazy! But in a very cool way.

And so I wish him all the best. I really hope the Russian government allows him to continue his journey! I, for one, am excited to see him finish!


Mark and MeLissa said...

That is mighty cool (no pun intended)! Thanks for the heads up!

pearlz said...

Wow, what a walk..... we all come across different things in our web walking/surfing... I'll keep an eye on this one now...