Thursday, May 19, 2005

While on the subject of men...

I just received an email from a gent interested in getting to know me better (yes, that is very nice). But help me with this one, would ya folks ... cuz he has me a little confused.

First off ... his moniker is blessedbyjesus* (pretty straightforward, dontcha think?!).

Then here are some direct quotes:

I also am committed to my church and God. I belong to a Messianic church. That's where Jews and Christians worship together.

I read portions of my bible everyday

Yes, I attend church.

No, I'm not religious.

Huh? Say again? You're not WHAT?! Ah, I heard you correctly. You said you're "not religious". Okay. And you have what?... a BRIDGE you want to sell me?! FAB ... I'm in.

*altered to protect the innocent


d said...

God has many complexities, FrapGirl. You know this. I know this.

Anonymous said...

Its meant to say its a personal thing and not a cultural/traditional thing.