Friday, May 27, 2005

Inimitably inimical

That's right ... you heard me ... "inimitably inimical". That's a phrase some idiot customer used in an email to our customer support department today. He is the MOST pompous a-hole*, I swear!!

Here it is in context:

As always, thank you for another dose of the exquisite pleasure of
the inimitably inimical (software application name) experience.

Oh yes, by the way, if any of your programmers could be troubled to
get us a usable version, say with a feature/defect ratio higher than
1.0, of the ODBC functionality that we have paid you $thousands
for, within say, the next couple of centuries, that would be much
appreciated. We are standing by; if no answer to the ever-
imminent delivery bell, please rap a little louder on our sarcophagi.

Thank you and have a nice day,

Who writes such RUDE emails to people when reporting some difficulties with a new version of an application?? (they aren't even BUGS ... he's just not familiar with how the new version works). And it's not like he's been dealing with our company on this issue for WEEKS and has just grown SO frustrated .... this is the first time we've heard from him this year!

Seriously .... WHO DOES THAT?!

Anyway, just my little inimitably inimical rant. (yeah, don't THINK that's not my new favorite phrase. Hope ya like it because ya'll (all two of you! ;)) will be hearing it quite frequently from now on! (or at least READING it quite frequently. Cuz it's not really a phrase that easily rolls off the tongue, ya understand!)

So, in closing ... guess who ISN'T getting quick assistance with their problem? Anyone? Anyone?? Bueller?? Bueller?? That's right. Mr A-hole!

* sorry mom but he deserves it.


d said...

Are those even real words? ???

ms c said...

Dear Kat...would you be so kind as to tell us (me and "d", your two loyal readers) what those words mean? I really don't want to go look them up.

Thank you. I will forever be inimitably grateful.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Is he a local customer? Theo or something? He sounds imbecilely inane. Doh, sorry...