Sunday, May 22, 2005

Breakfast of champions

So sometimes being single ain't ALL bad. Take for instance .... breakfast choices.

Say, for instance (and this is just random outta the air), I chose to have brownies and a bottled Starbuck's mocha frap. Oh, oh .... and maybe some cold pizza. *

When you're single, there is no one to grumble at you for not fixing them something they want.

There is also no one to grumble at you for not eating what they fixed for you.

Nor is there anyone to grumble at you because they had wanted to go out with you to breakfast.

And most importantly, there is no one to grumble** at you because you should be eating healthier.

Yep, you can just eat your brownies, drink your mocha and nibble that pizza all in peace.

* HEY! Yes those WERE just random examples! Yes, it could TO be just a coincidence that I actually had those available this morning. Really, I was just makin' those breakfast choices up. Uh-huh ... really. (okay, shut it!)

**and just giving you that raised eyebrow "since when are brownies on your diet?" look counts here.

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