Monday, May 16, 2005

I'm a sheep!!?!!

Yep, that's right folks .... I'm a sheep. That's what my Chinese zodiac sign is listed as at any rate. A sheep! Great! Something I've always aspired to Say it with me folks .... "baaaaaaaaaaaaa". Sigh.

Why couldn't I be a Tiger? Or a Dragon? Don't those sound a lot more impressive than "Sheep"?? A sheep just sounds sort of .... oh, I don't know ... dumb? ..uninspiring?.... lazy? I mean, I'm not knocking sheeps in general .... god bless their woolly little hides I say .... but I just think it would be MUCH cooler to be associated with say a tiger, that's all! (so all you folks from the Sheep Lovers Association (hmmm, that title could have several meanings so let me think up another fake association name ... oh, okay ... the "Sheep Supporters Association" ... how's that?!) take your fingers off the keys and step awayyy from the keyboard ... I don't want scathing comments to this post on the wondrous nature of the sheep! This is all meant in fun!) Right?! Because doesn't the image of a tiger make you think strong, capable, mysterious, beautiful, etc? Whereas the image of a sheep ...... well ......... not so much. Sigh. "Baaaaaaaaaaa"

Ah well .... I guess it's better than being a "Rat"! :)


d said...

Hey! I'm a RAT!


R said...

I bet you'd get some action in Wyoming.