Saturday, May 21, 2005


So it's a little after 6:30 on a Saturday evening ... I'm on the computer, I have my beloved kitty purring contently on my lap, I have a Costo take n' bake supreme pizza baking in the oven, I just finished baking a batch of brownies (and yes I sampled one already ... duh), I just purchased the complete series of Sex And The City so I have that to watch, I'm mid knit on a very interesting scarf .... and I can't think of any other place I'd rather be right now. Is that more good than bad? Or more bad than good?? :)


ms c said...

sounds purrrr-fect. are you going to post a picture of the scarf...or at least the yarn?

here's how i spent my saturday evening: watch TLC, look out the sliding glass doors and watch the quails, rabbitts, road runners, lizards, watch TLC, step outside and go "yep, it's still 100 degress", switch to SNL (east coast feed), go to bed. no brownies or pizzas but half a bottle of cheap pinot gris and cheez-its.

so my vote: more good than bad!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous! You single girls have all the fun. You know what I am doing at 6:30pm? Putting dinner on the table for 2 kids and one grumpy husband. None of them will like what I serve, and god knows I wish I could just serve a big ole platter of brownies without nuts and with oozy goozy chocolate chips running all over the plate. Now that's dinner!