Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Am I too picky? .....

...when it comes to men ..... or does anyone else think the pickings are slim??

Here's a little sampling of just the titles of some very recent Men Seeking Women posts to help you decide. (this is taken from Craigslist. So to those of you reading this that don't know me ... I'm a Craigslist fanatic! That site cracks me up! So if you continue to read this blog you'll be hearing "from Craigslist" quite a bit!)

Rich N'Sexy Boy-Friend Looking ($M4W18-39) [yes, his post DOES indicate he's willing to pay (ie "Extremely generous benefit$ ") ... for being "well cared for romantically in return"
. So unless I'm misinterpreting things here .... we're talking "hooker"]

["platonic"?? At least with the first guy I was going to get laid]

Nice Guy Looking For Meaningful Weekend Flings - 34 ["meaningful" and "fling" .... that just confuses me]

are you a Busty Buxom Princess – 31 [I love that this guy said "good conversation skills are a must" in his post. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA. Boobs don't talk, buddy!]

CEO prince seeks Princess no experience nessesary.. hury baby - m4w - - 32
[demanding AND "edjukatd" (did he seriously say "CEO"?? argh!)]

Herpes + Freckles + Hotubbing in the rain. - 43 [uhhhh, no]

hoping to find a descent woman - 32 [sigh]

I want a Busty girl (serious relpys only) - 31 [ah, amore!]

Doesn't get out much... - 19 [Great. Best to put your best foot forward when trying to find Ms Right, I say]

I wont stare at your boobs - 44 [Help me, people!]

So you see?... is it just ME being picky or is it okay that none of these ads appeal to me? (well, the first one did but he said he was looking for someone without an "attitude problem". Damn! Rules me out for sure!!!

I mean, I DIDDDD find one I liked. Check out the title of his post:

Round Two! er....five. whatever. - 23

I think it shows humor. And it's spelled correctly. And there is even a smattering of punctuation thrown in. (have my standards gotten TOO low?? Anyway, the post was cute and the pic even cuter *wolf whistle*.......

But alas, he's only 23. So now maybe I'm not only picky ... but I'm a picky dirty older woman????!! (I just can't win, I tell ya!


d said...

I'd do 'im.

Anonymous said...

Hey, didn't you hear? It's okay to date younger men now. Think Demi. Yep, he's a hottie.

Ms C said...

um, what were you saying? i got sidetracked by the little gap between the 23 year-old's t-shirt and jeans. oh yeah, picky. if you're going to factor age into it, yeah, you're too picky. however i've met at least one of your old boyfriends so maybe you're not too picky :o) (i am SO kidding....really)