Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Okay, the slug trap simply isn't working. I checked again this morning ...... BUPKUS!! Well, not really "bupkus" because there was ONE slug still slurping away. (I'm assuming he didn't get the memo about "last call" being prior to daylight. He will now have 6 months to ponder this oversight as he makes his way back from the hedge!)

Now, one of my kitties (the good one) is on meds (she's 15 years old and has a liver disease). The vet just upped her meds last week and I noticed she's a bit under the weather this week. She's been a bit lethargic and vomitting and just "blah" in general. So I have a call into the vet. But now I'm wondering ... hmmmm, is she under the weather from the meds .... OR .... simply hungover from drinking the beer in the slug trap??? I DID notice a slight stagger yesterday eve but I was thinking maybe she got up too quickly and had a head rush!!! Damn pets! Now how would I explain "drunken kitty" to the vet?!! ESPECIALLY one that already has liver issues. Bad kitty mom

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