Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Singlehood - The good and the bad

So I've been lamenting my singlehood lately, what with being sick and all. It has SUCKED not having anyone to cater to me while I've been laid up on the couch hacking up a lung and waiting to die. It's just not right having to drag yourself out late at night to purchase the much needed Nyquil to get you through the night. Shouldn't someone be there to do that for you so you can wallow in peace??!

Yeah, I think so too. :)

Someone should also be around to keep you from having to drag yourself out two days later to purchase something .... nay anything ... to eat. What with cupboards being bare and all since the cats seem to be too lazy to learn how to shop for groceries on their own.

So I've been grumbling and feeling a little down. As well as been continuing to cough up a lung or two while sniffling my way through the day (might I just insert here that COMTREX SUCKS! 'Nuff said)

But my attitude regarding singlehood has been brought back to reality this morning while listening to a local radio station on my way into work. The djs invited listeners to call up with reasons why they may have been "in the dog house" (ie in trouble) in the past with their significant others.

Now my commute is fairly minimal now with the new location of my condo and all (yay!!!). And so I only heard two listeners. But MAN .... did those two calls put the fear of relationships back into me. Let me tell you.

Here's why:

Caller #1 said that she got into trouble with her spouse because she liked to spend their hard earned money on gambling. The djs asked how much she lost. She said $10,000! I about had a heart attack. Uhhhh yeah! I'da killed my spouse for losing $10,000 bucks gambling!! HOLY COW!!!! This listener said it did almost cost her the marriage but that she has sought help and things were getting back on track (just not the race track, I'm assumin'!)

Holy bejeezus.

Then came Caller #2: She said that she also got into trouble with her spouse for spending money she shouldn't have. I guess she took the RENT MONEY (she specifically said "rent money") and spent it on a spa day. Ya know, massage, manicure, etc. (my immediate thought was: "crap, can't return THAT for a refund!!!"). And then she had the gall to giggle about how stressed out and "dramatic" her husband got because he was concerned about how they were going to pay the bills. Ya know, to keep from getting kicked out on the street. This chick I about bitch-slapped! How the HELL does a relationship get to the point where you can't even work as a team with regard to something as simple as "this is the money allotted for the rent. This NEEDS to be here.". HOLY COW. That's Paying The Bills 101. Man oh man.

So yeah, singlehood definitely has some downsides. But it has some upsides too. Because I am SO happy not to have to worry about someone else f'in up my finances anymore. So, SO happy.

So for now, until Mr Right (who needs to be a.k.a "Mr Fiscally Responsible" apparently ;)) comes along, I'm working on training the cats with regard to that whole "grocery shopping while mama's sick" thing. It's not going well so far. For some reason they keep interpreting everything on the list to be "raw meat". Not good. :)


d said...

I would just like to point out for your reading audience that when I learned you were sick, I OFFERED to come bring you something, but you turned me down flat. And before you say it, my enthusiasm was only seemingly lax cause I'm afraid of you. Very afraid. And sick you...woo boy. =)

Anyway, glad you're feeling better, sweetie. And I'm with you on the whole, SO's needing to be fiscally responsible.

Really, I'm thinking SO's being fiscally responsible lotto winners is more what I'd want ideally, but as long as they don't spend the rent money on a spa day (wait, do I get to go too?), then I think I'm ok.


Kat said...

What?! I'm just as sweet and loving when I'm sick as I am when I'm well. You tell my blog readers that, D. RIGHT NOW, damnit, before I pop you!!!!


goodgirl036 said...

too funny! LOL...and D btw no doesn't always mean no. In case you haven't figured that out yet.

Sis said...

D, next time leave some chicken soup at the door... and some cat food (oh and a bit of chocolate might get you a gold star). Hit the doorbell and run.

Hee, hee.

P.S. Hope you're feeling better, Sis.