Friday, September 08, 2006

If you knit it, and then write about it, they will come

Which is why I was mega-confused as to why Powell's decided to have The Yarn Harlot's book signing last night at such a tiny venue. I mean, I showed up half hour early and it was standing room only already. See?

By the time The Harlot came out, there were knitters galore standing in amongst the rows of books unable to see anything but the two feet surrounding them.

I, being that my middle name is "Wiley", had meanwhile meandered in, around, and amongst the maze of people, bookrows and knick knacks until I discovered a little alcove which brought me to an empty spot not 5 feet from where Stephanie would be speaking. I ALSO found a tiny step stool and used that as my chair. Which gave me an excellent spot from which to wait and then to watch. See? Here's my view......

Pretty dang sweet, right?! :)

And here is Stephanie taking her infamous sock pictures .... the sock I was working on pictured in the foreground.

Please notice that there are FIVE needles in this picture. But when I got home ... only four remained! I have lost my first knitting needle! WAHHHHH!

Sitting in front of me ... the cutest.knitter.ever! I'm thinkin' she's about 4. Look at that concentration! She'll be showing me up in ...... well, probably two weeks! She was already goin' pretty good.

And last but not least, the second cutest knitter ever ... with the harlot. (hmmm, now does she mean "the second cutest knitter ever with The Yarn Harlot"?? OR? Is Stephanie the "second cutest knitter ever". Hmmmmmm??? :))

Just call me "Chins"

Anyway, thanks to Stephanie for providing such a great time! She's just so down to earth and frickin' hilarious that you've just got to love her!


Kim said...

Soooo jealous that you met the Harlot! Very cool!

shannon said...

I was there too....but didn't get to stick around after. I'm sooooo envious too!!! I wish I'd have known you were going. Ah well. You can kind of see me in the second of the two pics of us all. Well, I can kind of see me. :)

Sis said...

Ha! I noticed that we can click on and enlarge all of the pictures EXCEPT the one of you and Stephanie. What's up with that? However, no blurry face for you which may mean stalkers. Think you'll be so lucky? I am hoping all your stalkers are cute and male and bearing chocolate roses. I'll keep my toes crossed for you.