Tuesday, January 24, 2006

pssst .... do you have my 420???

So Friday night I arranged a clandestine meeting with a stranger on Craigslist to trade some concert tickets for 420. I was a bit nervous about it, I must admit, having never done this before.

Even though the 420 I was after was actually $420 and not pot. (ah come now ... me a druggie??!)

After a few furtive emails and a quick phone call, the Craigslist Stranger and I decided to meet in a dark, secluded alley* to do the exchange.

Ya know, away from the prying eyes of the po-po.

All was going smoothly until I realized on the drive over that we had left off a critical piece of information with regard to hooking up ... what either of us looked like.

I toyed with the idea of approaching random people in the Starbucks ... errr, I mean, the dark alley ... and inquiring, "pssst .... do YOU have my 420???" ..but figured that could get my ass thrown in jail. What with my luck and all.

I was a bit nervous that that could happen anyway. Which is why I was only reselling the 3 extra** Aerosmith tickets I had for face value. A penny more and I was sure I'd be arrested for scalping.

Trust me, people, I come across as a goody-goody ... and I am ....but it's probably only because I've learned from past experiences that I can't lie and I WILL get caught. Just ask my late grandmother the one time I tried to sneak some cookies in my bedroom. The question came through the door, "are you eating cookies?". To which my cookie-muffled response was "mmNoomnnfrfrr".

Uh yeah, Master Criminal I ain't.

Luckily, my Craigslist Stranger was easy to spot .... the only one not drinking a coffee (now Master Detective I may just be! ;)). So the exchange went off without a hitch. And I quickly took my new-found bootie and high-tailed it to the bank ... errr, I mean, outta Dodge! ;)

Have I mentioned how much I love Craigslist?? :)

* or a well lit, very popular local Starbucks ... whatever.

** yes, EXTRA tickets. I will still be at the concert. Ain't no way I'm missing a chance to drool in person over this (mmm,mmm, mmm,mm,mmm):


Libby said...

I missed the scoop on Harley Guy, apparently.

But I must vouch for men who ride harleys. TB rides one, and it's HAWT.

And Joe Perry is a studmuffin.

goodgirl036 said...

Stud muffin,,,he he he,,,that's one of my favorite phrases. Who's Joe Perry???

ms c said...

kat, when did kd lang join aerosmith? i mean really, doesn't that photo of JP look like her (in her thinner younger days)?

i know you are kind of goody-goody that's why i'm a little shocked that you even know what 420 means. you shouldn't know stuff like that.

Kat said...

Ms C - WHAT?! Are you dissing my Joe Perry??!!! That just ain't right. That man is hot! ... HOT, I tell ya! :)

And yeah .. that "420" thing. I only learned that one some time last year. Right about the time I had purchased a Lucky Boys Confusion shirt that had "420 Geek" written in small print below the band name (bastards!). Yeahhh. So now I can't wear that shirt in public ... but do wear it for those friends who find humor in seeing me wearing a "420 Geek" shirt! ;)