Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Knitting Olympics!

I'm going for the gold, people!!

The Yarn Harlot has laid down the gauntlet with the following challenge: to knit something which must be started and finished within the 16 day of the 2006 Winter Olympics. No starting before the torch is lit. The project must be a challenge for the Olympic Contender. A simple garter stitch 10 inch long scarf would NOT earn me the gold. Nor the bronze for that matter.

The majority of folks who signed up with The Yarn Harlot are doing very intricate sweaters. I do believe that's because they are crazy. And know how to knit. And probably don't work for a living.

Others are doing socks. One Insanely Crazy Lady, in fact, has signed up for TWO pairs of socks AND a baby blanket! Hello? Do you sleep?? Or leave the house like EVER?? Cuz that's just crazy! When I push it, I can finish ONE sock in 16 days. ONE. That's not a pair. I'm talkin' ONE. Two, can't be done. Plus I don't want to make any more socks right now. Well, other than the mate to the one sock I just finished this weekend. But I digress.

I DO, however, want to make this bunny.

The pattern is in the book Last Minute Knitted Gifts*. I have looked at the pattern, scratched my head in Pattern Instruction Confusion, and promptly turned the page to something else.

But it is SO cute. And I want to make it. And so I shall (try). If'n it turns out to be easy-peasy (HA!) ... I will also knit up a hat. Or maybe a scarf. Or The Sock Mate. Or perhaps a Bunny Mate. Something.

Now off to train. Which should involve yarn buying and swatching. But instead will probably involve chocolate.

I'm daring like that! :)

*please note that this title is misleading. As I discovered with the baby booties. 1-2 hours ...MY ASS!


aimee noel said...

I've been wanting to knit that bunny. Maybe I should join and do the bunny also... but that would involve going and buying the book. Good luck!

ms c said...

"kat: toy using new techniques". LMAO. what a great description of your project. damn, yarn harlot's sweater looks muy dificil! congratulations for goin' for the gold...

Mark and MeLissa said...

I *love* the bunny! Maybe you could just go beat up some of the other contestants (a little more covertly than Ms. Harding, perhaps, but ya know) so they can't actually knit anything - you're a shoe in that way! (he he...just kidding!)

Kat said...

Aimee Noel - knit the bunny! knit the bunny!

I just looked at the pattern again last night and I could REALLY, REALLY use a Knit Buddy on this one. My first problem ... it uses circular needles. Why I break into a sweat just thinking about learning those is beyond me! DPNs ... no problem! Circular needles ... ARGH!

Perhaps you can photocopy the pattern from the library? My scanner isn't working or I'da ... "loan" (*ahem*)... you a copy of mine! ;)

T1 said...

I say use the dpn's. I'm not even afraid of circ's...but on something that small...how can you use them?

Not that um...I can knit right now or anything. Hoping to join the Olympics. Maybe I could just scope out projects in case?

Maybe the Bad Juju Doll off'n that one website...erm...oh yeah... www.theanticraft.com.

Or is that the wrong kind of thing for Knitting Olympics? Maybe I should be more PC or something?

Kat said...

T1 - hey, if it gets you knitting again, by all means, knit the voodoo doll. But please.... for the love of All That Is Yarn ... just knit! I miss me my knitting buddy. (*sniffle, sniffle, sob*)


T1 said...

I'm sorry! I would say it wasn't my fault...but um...it kinda is. And the SF's fault too.

Damn you preggers nausea!!!

Good thing someone's knittin' for this baby...cuz momma ain't!