Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My teeth hurt!

That's right ... you heard me correctly! My teeth hurt. It's driving me crazy. Just this continual dull ache. Of not one tooth ... but all the teeth.

I have no idea why! The only reason I can think of is that maybe it had something to do with watching the American Idol try-outs on tv last night (shut it!). Perhaps there was some major teeth grinding going on while watching some of those idiots ... err, I mean "contestants" .. trying to sing. Did y'all catch it? Come on ... we're all friends here ... you can admit it! I won't tell! Really! :)

But SERIOUSLY, people! What are some of these folks thinking!?! Do they REALLY think they can sing? At all?! They must ... because who would CHOOSE to make a fool of yourself on national television like that otherwise?! I simply can't imagine.

But why aren't their friends stopping them, that's what I want to know. I mean, sure ... let your Horrible Singing Friend (HSF) sing karaoke at a bar and laugh your ass off. All good. But to let your HSF go on national television like that to be made fun of, not only by the judges, but by other tv shows and radio shows and ... apparently ... on blogs! That's just not right! Friends don't let HS Friends try out on American Idol. That's all I'm saying.

That would be like MY friends letting me join The Knitting Olympics or something.

Oh wait.


d said...

Should I advise you not to be in the knitting olympics? Hmm...

Anyway, yeah, I actually watched all of Idol. I've decided the ones where the singers are REALLY bad are the ones to watch. It was frickin' hilarious... tho somewhat teeth grind worthy.

I think the reason they let that one freak move on to Hollywood is because that way they'll hook the audience who's just in it to watch the train wrecks to at least another week.

And man, Ryan Seacrest is dreamy.


Wait, did I type that?!?!?


T1 said...

Oh damn...I knew there was something I forgot to do last night....

Lizze said...

You are probably biting (quite hard) your jaws together unconsciously, like when you are stressed, annoyed or similar (watching American Idol?).