Monday, August 27, 2007

My Little Helper

So one morning before work I walk into my spare bedroom (aka The Office) to find Emma lazily laying in the middle of the floor next to a live spider! She spots me and half-heartedly reaches out a paw toward Charlotte (I'm assuming that's the name she would have chosen for her new friend) as if to say "oh crap, I'm supposed to be killing this thing"!!

Of course, the attempt was so half-hearted that the paw reach towards said spider was barely perceptible. She then drew her paw back and continued to just gaze off into LaLa Land.

Which left me to have to quickly find Spider Extracting Equipment (in this case, a nearby flower vase and an envelope) and scoop up said spider and take it outside. All the while mumbling under my breath something along the lines of "damn worthless cat".

So to restore my faith in Catmanity, the same morning CJ steps up to help me wrap a gift for a coworker. Ah, I loves me that kitty! Look how cute!

CJ: "I'll hold, you tape!"

Faith restored! How could it not be with that face?!

1 comment:

ms c said...

emma is such a good kitty (and adorable, too). i had a helluva time getting cary to help with wrapping packages. you are so lucky :o)