Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Frayfields vs The McBrides

Concert updates! Get yer concert updates here!

Okay, so I joined some folks in watching The Fray perform out at McMennamin's Edgefield last week. They did a great job! I love when a band actually sounds like their album. You've all been to a concert, right, where you're thinking "what is this, some person doing a crappy karaoke rendition of this band's stuff?". But no, The Fray, sounded great live! YAY, The Fray!!

The bad news was that this venue is way on the other side of town. WAYYYYY on the other side of town! And concerts there start at 6:30pm! On Thursday nights!! Which makes for the bumper-to-bumper commute from hell to get there right smack dab during rush hour traffic. Which really sucks because all the seating is general admission out on a huge lawn, so the later you get there, the further away from the stage you end up sitting.

Now I knew there was no hope for me getting out there early after work to save spots for us, BUT ... a friend planned to be off work at 4pm and head right over there. Unfortunately, he forgot his tickets and had to go back and get them. So we ended rolling in at exactly the same time .... and long story short, we were at the back of the bus, so to speak!

In all actuality, it was nice to sit and relax and listen to a concert instead of being up amongst the hubbub vying to get the best picture angle (you know me and the stalking!)! Since this was the best I could do picture-wise, ....

Who dat??!!

.....I was able to just sit, chat and relax instead! Which was all good .... being that I'm not fanatical over The Fray. (had the band been say ... Bon Jovi! ... I'd been tossin' bodies to get them out of my way so I could get up front and personal. Ahem!)

So all in all, a wonderfully relaxing evening.


Next up was Martina McBride.

Now I'm not a big country fan (in that I like it but don't listen to it, if'n that makes any sense) and wasn't familiar with Martina's music. But a friend had an extra ticket and when have you ever known me to turn down a free concert!??! :)

And I'm glad I didn't. This chicky can s-i-n-g! Good lordy! I don't think I've ever been at a concert where the performer had to stop after a song and wait for all the applause to die down. (standing ovations to be exact) I mean, sure, sure, at the end and during the encores .... but just mid-concert?! Crazy! The power in her voice and the length of time she can hold notes ... phenomenal! I'd see her again in a heartbeat!

Opening for Martina was another great band, Little Big Town.

They rocked! I really liked one of their songs .... "A Little More You" I think the name is. That was really good live! In fact, both Martina and Little Big Town are FAR better live than they are on cd (I've since heard the same songs on cd). They both know how to infuse energy and fun into their concerts which doesn't quite come across as well on the cd. So give them a gander if they come to your town.


In non-concert news, the author Jasper Fforde was back in town (*insert much applause*). Y'all, I just think he is just sooo darned cute! Here's a couple of pics for your viewing pleasure.

In fact, the pictures just don't do him justice. You've got to see him speak. So here's a short video I took of him ..... with his accent and mannerisms ... doesn't he just make you think of Hugh Grant???

He does me! I just find him ridiculously charming! Le sigh!

Anyway, that's it for recent concert updates! Hopefully more concert updates later this month!


Dorothea said...

As I sit here in my little boring town of Weezer, ID (Yes, I SAID Weezer) lol : ) I look at you and your life with such envy! Concerts, authors, lots of traveling, a zillion friends to do fun things with! Enjoy it all! I say who needs a man with all the fun you get to do! A husband would just hold you back!!!! Me very jealous! I do have a wonderful husband and all PLUS 5 kids! (Yes, I said 5 KIDS!) But somedays I think I would trade it all in for the carefree single life that you have!! LOL : )

**BTW I found you by way of Crazy Aunt Purl. Love her blog and YOURS!! : )

Kat said...

Hi Dorothea!!! Thanks so much for reading my blog. Tis very flattering.

And thank you for saying such nice things. I do love my life ... tho' doesn't everyone have "the grass is always greener" moments once in awhile? Oh I think so! ;) I know I do.

Anyway, "holla" out to Weezer, Idaho and to Hubby and Five Kids (whew! Five kids! You go, girl!!!)! And hey, did you know that you share your name with Jon Bon Jovi's wife?!!! Just sayin' is all ... I think that's pretty cool! :)