Thursday, August 09, 2007

It's NOT a pumpkin!!!

This post goes out to T1! Holla, T1!!!

Just wanted to let you know that the gift I knitted for baby's Q's 1st birthday and sent to you this week is NOT a pumpkin! No really, I swear!! Perhaps taking on a new project after having not knit in so long was not the best of plans!

Oh and ... the colors ... yeahhhhhh, those are supposed to be Bronco colors. I KNOW ... crazy, right? ... who knew that "rust" and "bright orange" were not the same color! Not Q's crazy auntie Kat.


So .... sorry. But here's the good news with regard to his gift:

1) it doesn't make noise
2) it doesn't make a mess (L- still sorry about those bathtime paints! Who knew??! :))
3) we live 3000 miles apart so you can just toss it yet just tell me he plays with it all the time.

See? ... all good! :)

At any rate, happy bday to Q tomorrow! Wish I was there to eat cake too (errr, I mean "see him"!!!)

p.s. in case you need ANOTHER hint as to what I was actually trying to knit .... it is one of the patterns in that book I gave you for your birthday. No, no really ... I SWEAR! THAT'S what I was trying to make! Crazy, right? :)

p.p.s I'm only not saying what it is SUPPOSED to be in this here blog post in case T1 hasn't opened it yet. Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise!


T1 said...

It's okay...we opened it. It's a ball y'all! Of course Q just played with the bow. You know kids...give 'em toys and they play with the box the toy came in.

Right now he is more interested in his dog from Christmas. He is learning to cuddle with it. By Christmas he'll want the ball.

Party is on Saturday, even though tomorrow is his birthday. So think of eating chocolate cake with buttercream icing on Saturday. No...I'm not making it. Ordered him a Backyardigans cake. (See Nick Jr. website for info) I do not have your mad cake deco skills.

And yes it is almost midnight here. But I started thinking how it was a year ago that we lost Friday...tears please...and had to get up and do something besides cry. On my anniversary. Sigh.

Okay...think JOY!!! Q turns numero uno tomorrow!!! Beware the flood of birthday pics. And yes Miss K you may post! How can we not share the cuteness that is Q??

Ps. Thanks for the Jasper Fforde book and video!!

Kat said...

yeah, I saw a picture of Friday a couple of weeks ago and just about lost it myself. Damb pets! :(

Anyway, happy bday Q!!!!! Whoo hooo! One year old! Twenty more years til the downhill slide starts (I've decided to peg 21 as the last year a person gets EXCITED about having a bday. Cuz my impending 40 (*whimper*) is the OPPOSITE of exciting, is all I'm sayin! ;) (In fact, is it wrong to start interviewing funeral homes already?! (okay, FINE ... it's not that bad ...but still! ;)))

Anyway, have a great time celebrating! I will talk to you soon!

Sis said...

Well, Kat, I must remind you that you are not turning 40 this year because I am turning 40 this year. That puts you at 37. 37 is a great age. Learn to love it!