Thursday, March 15, 2007

Updates! Get yer Updates here!

I know, I know ... mea culpa. It has been forever since I blogged. But I have a good reason for you. Well, maybe not a good reason .... more along the lines of a confession. Are you ready?

Here goes.... I've been cheating on all y'all.

"What's that?", you say ...." Cheating??"

Yep. Cheating. I have two other blogs going right now that have been taking precedence. The first being the American Idol Office Pool blog I'm moderating. And the second is my family's weight loss blog.

The good news is ... the weightloss competition ends at the end of this month (bring on the bon-bons!!!!!). So that will be one less blog.

The American Idol blog ... well, not so much. It is amazing how long they can drag out that competition! But now that the show is down to only two days per week I should have more time (don't take that as a promise though! Just sayin'! ;))

But anyway. Today ... we have updates! Right here ... on this lil ole blog! And so to start out - my gift to you for your patience is letting you in on a little secret. I have just discovered Heaven In A Bottle! What's that I hear y'all yelling out?... names of different types of booze. No, no .... (though whomever yelled out "Bailey's" is pretty convincing because I do love me the Bailey's) ... I have discovered a Non-Alcoholic Heaven In A Bottle. It is the following:

That's right ... Godiva's Belgian Blend Dark Chocolate Mocha. It is OMG Good! AND .... low fat! Only 4 grams of fat and 200 calories!!! So far I have only found it at a tiny market in NE .... but it is bound to be somewhere around where I shop normally. If not, it is Stuck In Traffic For An Hour To Get Some worthy! So do yourself a favor and try one!

Speaking of low fat, my diet in February did not go NEARLY as well as in January. And even though I really did a good job with it (minus the one week that may have included much cake ... what with the final cake in my cake decorating class being two-tiered and all) I think I only lost 2.5 pounds in February! WTF?!

And then! And THEN ... along comes March and T1 comes to town to visit for a week (
with 7 month old Baby Q with whom I am in love!)). And we were out and about eating things which may have been a bit off the diet. (May have been). Ya know, like pizza, cuban food, mexican food, cake, ice-cream, hawaiian food, alcoholic beverages and err, perhaps even some Girl Scout cookies!

But get this ... I stepped on the scale the morning after she left and I had lost weight! Explain that one to me! Most weeks in February in which I stuck to the diet .... I lost bupkus. I go off diet for a week ..... I lose weight. I don't get it! (gahhhhh!)

So since she has left I have been not worrying TOO much about stringently sticking to the diet. Which is why I figure those Godiva's Mochas are allowed!! :)

And look what she brought me! How cute, right?! She remembered my new favorite phrase!!!

Okay, let's see .... what else?

OH ..... more shocking news!! So y'all remember the Shoe Incident on Date #1 and how I figured I has scared the guy off? Well, there has since been a Date #2 and a Date #3! And if y'all thought the Shoe Incident was bad .... get a load of this!

So Date #3 was this past Sunday morning. And it went alright ..... other than the fact that I maybe spent an hour over breakfast talking about how hard it is hide dead bodies! (What?!! It IS! Have you been watching the news lately?…. people are actually just giving up and storing them in their garages!). I mean, he laughed and all … but I’m thinking it MAY have just been a really nervous laugh. Especially when I then digressed into the use of thallium to poison people. (HAHAHAHA! Yeah, you’d think I was making this up, right?? But no … I SERIOUSLY discussed all this with him. Over breakfast! I crack me up!!!)

But it did seem to flow with the conversation at the time! (no, no ... I SWEAR!) I mean, we were talking about changes downtown and the hope that one will be for a new parking structure. I launch then into how parking structures are a really great way to gain wealth because, hello!, look at all the money those bring in with such little effort! Then I mentioned that storage places were supposedly also really good businesses to own for easy income. (all good, right? I'm demonstrating some business savvy. It's all relatively intelligent conversation. Uh yeah ... but wait!)

So then I might have said that I wouldn't want to own a storage place because people are always finding dead bodies there (hey ... they do!) Which then might have led to my hour long rant about how difficult it is to hide dead bodies nowadays! (oops? hehehe)

And I even had recent descriptive examples (yep ... over breakfast!!!) from the news in which the murderers gave up trying to hide the body and just dragged them back to their garage!

HAHAHA ... I slay me!!!!

But in my defense ... at least I said it was DIFFICULT to hide dead bodies, damnit!! Now had I said it was EASY ...... why THEN he'd have something to be freaked about! :)

And before you ask, yes ... amazingly he has since contacted me to say what a great time he had with me and to request another date.* Which is just proof really that the man is clearly crazier than a loon!!!! (But a damn fine lookin' loon so ... there ya go! :))

And me?...calling someone else "crazy"?? HAHAHA! Yeah, hello Pot, ....Kettle here! (heh)

So anyway, now I need to figure out another scary topic before we meet again. I've already shown him my fascination with shoes .... and I've mentioned my cats once or maybe ten billion times ....and now I've talked about hiding dead bodies ... I'm just not sure what other topic I can pull out to scare this man!!

Oh, but wait ... did y'all think it with me?! .... yeahhhhh, I don't believe I've mentioned The Knitting yet. Uh-oh ... surely THAT will do it. THAT will get him runnin' for sure!!!! :)

Okay, well that's all I can think of to share right now. So let me leave you with this cutey-patootey doggie photo. I took this at my friend's mardi gras party. Such a cute basset. He would do the basset howl whenever you stopped petting him. Too hysterical! And just look at that face!!!

say it with me ....."ahhhhhh"

Hope y'all are having a great week! And I'll try to log on here more (no, no really!). :)

*of course, he DID say that he only wanted to meet me in a public place where there would be "a lot of witnesses, uh I mean people around". HAHAHA. At least he has a sense of humor! He'll need that with me! :)


Stick Knits said...

Welcome back!
Definitely talk about the knitting next. Go on and on and on about Yarn. Call it Yummy Yarn and start drooling a little. IF he sticks around after that, you're good to go!
Love the T-shirt! and the dog!

Bobbi said...

Is knitting a third date thing? I'm trying to figure that out, cuz I might be dating again, ok, I am. But at what point do you mention the knitting? and why am I even worried about it because it's not like I have a second head or a third eye or tail! why do I feel like it's a dirty little secret? And what will I do if he laughs or says old ladies do that? sigh. oh please share words of wisdom! :)

shannon said...

lucky for me i started knitting after i got married. many years after...

glad to hear that the talk of dead bodies hasn't frightened him off.

Teresa said...

ello... let me start off by saying "too funny"... that being said...I'm glad to hear you lost weight...I on the other hand practically dropped out because of midterms and uber stress.... well my suggestion for the third date is how breasts are heavy and that bras itch-yes my friends and I have had this LOUD conversation in the middle of our lunch room, I think every guy (not arguing in our conversation) ran away from our area. Or you can do what I accidently said to a guy I like which was "I like these jeans, they have fun strips, suspenders, and make my butt look good...cause that's all us girls care about"... every one around gave me a weird look... and I think he wanted to run away. Well good luck on the next date and with the weight loss challenge (you beat me)

Jenni said...

What shop in NE can you get that heaven???

jenknitter AT gmail DOT com

Sis said...

Doggy is oh so cute but I would rather see the boy. Next time you see him get a pic and tell him you are going to post it on your blog. If that doesn't scare him away, then he just might be a keeper!

ms c said...

yoohoo....kat, where are you? didn't you kinda sorta promise to post more regularly?

just the other day we had a mammogram talk in the trailer park office. scared off all the guys. you might wanna try that next :o)

love ya!

goodgirl036 said...

he he he Scaring off guys is easy just mention the "M" word and babies, they can't get out fast enough. However, if they don't run, then you need to run (so it is a win win conversation) : )

Jerri said...

LOL Those are all adorable conversations, Kat! It's definitely not boring, which is at least as important as whether or not it's appropriate! LOL

And, of course, when you add the adorable package, the guy's surely gonna like it. Sounds like it's going really well! Congrats on all of it! Do, please, keep your loyal fans updated!

T1 said...

Sigh. Miss you! Q is sick, sick. Maybe missing Pdx, no? Poor little guy!

That whole weight thing?? This why I don't own a scale. Lets not discuss eating habits. Just be glad I scaled down my "missed eateries" to just those, you still haven't had the Mooch. (Muchas Gracias for those who're not in the know.)

Speaking of visiting...when you comin' to our little corner of the South?

Anonymous said...


Kat said...

Bobbi - that is an interesting question. Unfortunately, I talk about hiding dead bodies so PERHAPS I'm not the best one to be giving you dating advice. Just sayin'

Jenni - per our email discussion, the store is Beaumont Market on NE Fremont! (just thought I would throw it out there for the rest of the readers!) :)

T1 - boo hoooo ... I miss you too. I'd LOVE to come visit but the China trip is sucking up a lot of vacation time. Of course, I thought the plan was for y'all to MOVE BACK HERE anyway! NOW! Didn't you run that by CB???? (tell him I said "pretty please, with cherries on top!"). Frick! Tell him it is better for Q ... cuz he wasn't sick out here (poor lil Q ... give him a big hug for me!)

T1 said...

Love Beaumont Market. Sigh. Miss my neighborhood too.

Q is doing better. Respitory (sp?) infection.

Damn the China trip. How dare you go with your mom on her dream trip! Fine. I'll probably be out in July.