Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Reason #537 Why I'm Still Single

So I had a first date with a gentleman on Sunday evening. We met at a very nice martini bar in the Pearl District. Sat around chatting for about 3 hours ..... during that time I managed not to spill anything on myself (or him) and to not tell any embarrassing stories (the stuck Ben-wa Ball story comes to mind! :)). So all was good.

Afterwards, he walked me several blocks to my car.

And y'all know that there Awkward Moment when you are looking to part after the first date but don't quite know how to end it?? I mean, do you just leave? Or is he going to hug you? Maybe he'll try kissing you?? No idea. And the date was fine so you're open to any of those options really. So you just make stupid small talk while you both size up the situation and wait for someone to DO something??

Yeah, well ... I don't like those moments. So after a couple of hems and haws I just thought "fuck it ... I'll give him a big hug and then high tail it outta here!". Only I noticed that when I went in for the hug .... he perhaps thought I was going for the kiss ... and so he puckered up ...and ended up giving me a nice kiss on my cheek as I hugged him.

Which was fine. Had it just ended there.

But ya see, I was just hugging ... and so my eyes were open as I was leaning over his shoulder giving him the hug. And it turned out that we were standing in front of a store. And the store had a big ole window. And the window display was just full of shoes!!

And not just any shoes. These were very fancy-looking shoes, many styles of which I had never seen before (and let me tell you ... I've seen some shoes!! :))!! And it was as if there were spot lights on each individual pair! And the one pair my eyes could not avoid were this very sparkly pair of red high heeled pumps (hi! Look! Something shiny!!!).

And though sparkly red high heeled pumps aren't necessarily shoes I would buy for me .... these were still pretty spectacular looking. And so maybe the only thing that came outta my mouth as I separated from the hug was "oooooh, shoes" as my eyes stayed glued to the window instead of refocusing on him. (yeah, really ... I kid you not). And as I extricated myself from the hug to his confused muttered "what?" ... I felt myself drawn to the window full of shoes.

So I trance-like approached the window ... and realized that the whole store was full of shoes ... shoes as far as the eyes could see! And it was perhaps at that point that I may have actually pressed my nose and hands to the glass as I stood looking in at all the pretty shoes. (There may have also been some breathless muttering along the lines of "shoesssss".)

To his credit he did not run. Run far and run fast as any sane man would have done. He stuck. But as to whether or not I ever hear from him again .... my guess is going to be a resounding "NO" after that incident! Because if that doesn't scare the bejeebus outta a man, I don't know what will!!!

(well, the good news is ... I took note of where that shoe store is and have plans to hit it this weekend! (damn thing was closed when I was there or I may just have left him standing on the sidewalk, jaw agape, as I wandered on in! :)))

Because really, who needs men when there are shoes to be purchased, damnit!!!! :)


shannon said...

My guess is he'll think it was cute and give you a call. Who knows, maybe he'd even pony up for a pair?! LOL

Was the place called Sole?

Kat said...

Shannon- that name SOUNDS familiar but I was more concerned with its location. It's on Couch Street across from Powells. Is that the one? :)

shannon said...

Hmmm, I think it is, although never having been there myself. I practice yoga with the owner (when she shows) and know that they are in that general area.

Eclair said...

I shouldn't worry about it. According to my bloke all men know (thanks to Sex and the City) that women find shoes, handbags and shiny things irresistible. He also tells me that this is a good thing for men as they then know what to buy you for Christmas.

Apparently having that reaction to a bridal shop would have scared your date sh*tless. In fact, my bloke has gone a little pale just thinking about it.