Thursday, March 29, 2007

Heaven .... I'm in Heaven...

.... la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaa".

Oh sorry. I broke down and made a run out to my Godiva "dealer" at lunch and so now am currently ecstatically sipping on the Milk Chocolate Mocha. I tell ya ... these things just make the sun shine more brightly, people smile more... and just listen to those birds sing!

And the Milk Chocolate one is good too!!!! (though I'm gonna stick with the dark chocolate as my favorite!)

And the BEST news .... I bought 8 of them!!! Mwahaha ha ha!!! Of course, sadly, I have to share. Sigh. My friend T2 and I are having a Sweatpant MovieFest this Saturday and I said I'd bring the Godivas. She's lucky that she is worth it!!! Because I won't share with just ANYONE. In fact, I was hanging with a friend last night and we determined that he was indeed NOT Godiva-worthy! (a la "Sponge-worthy" from Seinfeld). But he agreed with me ... he's not a huge coffee OR chocolate lover so sadly he will never get to experience these from me.

But that's just more for the rest of us, right??!!!!

And though I have yet to track them down anywhere but at Beaumont Market*, I have found this website! Because they DO deserve their own website ... don't think they don't!!! :)

Okay, off to go annoy coworkers with my sickening cheerfulness...... :)

"La dee da dee da .... exchanging clothing ... la dee da dee da .... "

*sorry Goodgirl ... no King Soopers here. BAH! But thanks for the info.


Teresa said...

I just bought a pack of the Godiva Milk Chocolate Mocha ones and tried them for the first time... I don't really like the taste of coffee but these weren't too bad.

goodgirl036 said...

LOL....Where did you find them, Teresa???

Jenni said...

I FOUND GODIVA!! It is still NE Portland, but there is hope. Try your closest WinCo Store. They had some at the one on 102nd near Halsey. I know there are some on your side of the river.

teresa said...

I got them from Albertsons... they were right next to the Starbuck's frappichinos:)