Monday, October 22, 2007

Think "Flat As A Pancake!"

In honor of mi amiga who is getting her first ever mammogram today .....

.....And in honor of me who has to call to make an appointment for my very own first ever mammogram today......

... the phrase "Jebus on a cracker" will hereby be "Teetus on a cracker" this week ..... for obvious reasons!

Of course, she is getting a mammogram because her doc recommends it for anyone in certain age groups. No worries there.

I am getting a mammogram because a medium said to.

Oh yeah, you heard me.

So there's a good time. Try explaining that to your doctor. "Uh hi. Yeah, I have a friend who went to a medium. And the medium told her all kinds of freakily true things. And one thing she said was that she has a friend with my name who needs to go get a mammogram. She said she'll be fine, just scared, but yeah ... she needs to get a mammogram."

Uh huh.

So, my doc gave me the referral to the mammographer (??? ... hehe) and to a psychiatrist! (HA! I kid! I mean, I could use one, don't get me wrong, but my doc didn't even really bat an eye. Which I found relieving, and yet at the same time, slightly odd! ;))

So anyway, wish us luck!


shannon said...

it's not as horrible as you think. although it is pretty amazing how flat they can really get!

hope everything turns out okay.

T2 said...

Thanks for the well-wishes. It was weird more than anything else and I'm sure I'll see the twins somewhere on the Internet as they had to perform several photo ops in varying positions...We'll call this one interesting :)

T1 said... happy you are just now having to get them. Because of family history I will be starting early. Sigh. I'm set to get squished in March.

At least you got somethin' to lay out there. ;-)

ps. Good luck T2!