Monday, October 08, 2007

Help! The peer pressure! The peer pressure!!!!

So last week I was flipping channels and stumbled across the new show LA Ink*. Somehow I got sucked in and now I see that the tattooists on the show are just so amazingly artistic that they have actually made me CONSIDER getting a tattoo one day. I mean, these folks will take a photo of your loved one and created this phenomenal portrait tattoo for you! Sheesh, and here I was thinking folks just got butterflies or roses! (yeah, I don't get out much!)

But anyway, if you know me, my considering getting a tattoo has got to seem astounding for several reasons!

First, I hate pain! Tiny needles jabbing into my body for hours on end just doesn't sound like a fun time. Call me crazy!

Second, my weight fluctuates. A tattoo which looks good at one weight ain't gonna look so hot perhaps at another! Just sayin' is all! ;)

And most importantly, I'm commitment phobic. If I won't even commit to what I'm having for dinner tonight, how the heck would I ever be able to commit to a freakin' tattoo. Seriously! :)

Nonetheless, that show got me thinking that I could no longer say, without a doubt, that I will never get a tattoo.

Fast forward to today: Another coworker walks in to my office to say hi and just out of the blue asks me if I know a good local tattooist. HELLO? What an odd question to ask me, one who has NO tattoos and has never even talked about tattoos with her.

I say "no" but suggest she talk to my office mate who has gotten a tattoo locally and likes the artist. So the three of us sit around talking about it for a bit and now for some reason this coworker wants me to go get a tattoo with her. And keeps popping in all day mentioning it. And my office mate isn't helping because he wants us to do it. The pressure people!! Two against one! This ain't right!!! ARGH!

So anyway, that's two mentions of tattoos recently. Some folks say that when something gets thrown at you in "threes" that The Universe is trying to tell you something. Why The Universe would feel that I need a Snoopy tattoo on my butt I'll never know ..... but who am I to question the ways of The Universe. :) So we'll see if this idea of the tattoo keeps getting thrown at me or if this was just a quirky coincidence.

In the meantime, I'm going to keep watching LA Ink. That show rocks! :)

*I'm telling you, it's this bloody dvr. Because of it I now watch every freakin' show out there! Seriously, quiz me. I'll know the show you're talking about! It's crazy, y'all. Send help! :)


Jenni said...

I had two co-workers talking me into it, too. They decided a ball of yarn unwrapped around my ankle with a in progress project hanging off some needles.

Sis said...

If you like LA Ink, you gotta try Miami Ink. Miami Ink was the first one and Kat worked there but it didn't work out (well at least that is how they had the show go down, could have been a ratings thing) and so now she has her own show in LA, thus LA Ink. I don't have dvr, but I tell you I have stayed up late to watch multiple episodes of both Miami and LA Ink - love both those shows. Not thinking tattoo for me though (not yet anyway). I keep worrying about what the tat will look like on an 80 yr old woman - can't be pretty right? Right?

Libby said...

I got all my tattoos because they mean something to me...(I only have 3 small ones, but I'm literally saving my change for my big one...) and I wouldn't have traded them for anything.

Except that I totally changed my mind when I got to the tattoo parlor and got something different :)

And the pain really isn't that bad, unless you get it somewhere like your lower back or somewhere else the nerves bundle. It's no biggie!

Kat said...

Jenni- I'm pretty sure that now that I can't even remember how to turn a heel on a sock (even with directions, sad really! :)) that I am not worthy of a knitting tattoo! :)

And sis, don't you think the three sisters should all go get tattoos together?? That's what it is all about! The bonding. Umm, but you go first!!!! :)

Libby- I was hoping the lower back wouldn't be too painful as that would be the place I was thinking of getting it. Bah! :)

ms c said...

this is really weird...i got an email from a friend this morning with this subject line: doesn't peer pressure suck? she attached photos of the tattoos she and her husband just got - on virgin skin!!! their firsts!!! i think this is a sign...

tattoos near bones hurt the worst so stay off your forehead (which is where my sister got one of hers). i saw a beautiful tattoo of the virgin of Guadalupe on a woman's shoulder; it looked as though it had been airbrushed. she got it in LA. mmmmmm, LA. christmas. tattoo :o)

Kat said...

Not you too, Ms C! The PRESSURE! :)

Hey, you've got one already, right?

ms c said...

oh yeah, got a big old falcon. he needs some work. i got him on a part of the body not too likely to sag: back of the shoulder. i vote against boobs, belly, butt or thighs as possible canvasses.

Anonymous said...

I think you should get a tattoo of the word "committment" with a big red "anti" circle around it! HA! Come visit me in L.A.! I'll drive!:-)- Jo

ms c said...

Jo, what a great idea for a tat for kat! hell, i'll even pitch in some pesos :o)

Kat said...

Et tu, Jo? .... et tu??

Sigh. It's a conspiracy, y'all. NO FAIR GANGING UP!!! :)