Friday, October 12, 2007

Ah man, I'm back to bashing!

Dang it! I've been trying to be good, really I have, and have managed to avoid the bashing of some of the craigslist ads lately.

But I made the mistake of doing a search on Craigslist for "funky" because I like to see what unique artwork and/or furniture, etc is out there. That's my kinda style.

But my eyes fell upon the ad title: "Leather skirt w/fringe Plus Size". And I thought ... "plus size"?? ... in a leather skirt?? ... ah, this can't be good. So I took a look at the post.

Y'all, here's the photo of the skirt:

And here is the ad:

I recently purchased this skirt off of eBay and discovered that it's too long for me. The tag says it's a size 30w but I'm a 22/24 and could wear it easily but there is plenty of room. If you're a size 22 - 32, I'm sure it would fit you easily. It's very soft, black leather and in awesome condition. The smell is a little funky but it isn't bad, just needs to be aired out I'd guess. Please let me know if you're interested, there's a lot of skirt here for only $50 and yes, that price is firm.

Not only does is SMELL bad (???) ... but the seller is saying it is TOO LONG! Really? ... too long????? I'm not nearly that big and I wouldn't be caught dead in public with a skirt that short! I'd be arrested for scaring little children. They'd be all "MAMA! MAMA!! There is some fringe covered white dimpled jiggly monsters coming after us!!!!! HELPPPPPP!!!!!!" (It just would NOT be a good look, KnowWhatI'mSayin'?)

Seriously, too long??????????

Good golly, she is a braver woman that I!

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