Thursday, October 11, 2007

Catch up!

Okay, first off all y'all AREN'T HELPING with regard to this tattoo thing. ;) I can't envision any tattoo at all looking good on me right now .... but 20 years and 20 pounds from now? ... yeah, just boggles the mind (and not in a good way!!). So if the tattoo ever happens ... it will have to be something very, very significant. And at this point, I got nuthin'! :)

So I had a date Monday night which .... (are you sitting down for this??)... WASN'T HORRIBLE. (I know!). Yep, apparently my standards have been lowered to the point where if I am not trying to gnaw my arm off even once to make my escape during the date, I consider the date a success! Sad really! :) Anyway, we chatted easily for two hours or so and he asked me out again for the weekend. I'll keep y'all posted.

Though actually, the past couple of weeks men have been coming outta the woodwork (when it rains, it pours!) so I'm not sure who realigned the planets, but thank you! (although that young 26 year old who just wanted to be Friends With Benefits ... yeah, didn't need him. Just patted him on his behind and sent him back home to mama. But for the others, thank you). So wouldn't it be a cruel joke that after The Great Dry Spell Of '02, '03, '04 (.... ah, fuck it ... that's just too depressing, let's just call it The Great Dry Spell (TGDS) shall we?...) that I ended up torn between too many great guys at once?? I mean, sure, I'll take it ... don't think I won't ..... but I'm really only looking for one.

Big adventure coming up!!!! You know how my List To-Do includes front row at a Springsteen concert?? Well, T2 and I have tickets in hand and we are flying down to LA to catch the show!! Whoo hooooo!!!!! We have general admission floor seats so we have a CHANCE to get front row! Granted, knowing the fanaticalness (is too a word!) of the LA'ers with regard to their bands, the front row chance may be slim .... but nonetheless, it is a chance! And we are going for it!!! Wish us luck!!! The tickets say "no cameras" and usually I ... uhhh .... might overlook that fact, as y'all know... but I don't think I'm risking it for Springsteen! Nuh-uh, no way! I WANT IN and I WANT FRONT ROW and getting turned away at the door to take the camera back to the car or booted out of the concert entirely is NOT in the game plan!! So though I may not have any pictures, I plan to have stories of touching the greatness that is Springsteen (umm, that sounded dirtier than I intended).

Let's see ... what else?? I CANNOT believe I have not written up the post about the last Daughtry concert I went to. Remind me about that one.

Oh, did just see Lou Diamond Phillips in the theatrical presentation of Camelot!

Yeah, I only snorted a few times while trying to suppress the chuckles when he first broke into song. I behaved myself the rest of the time (well, except for when the cast performed "What Do The Simple Folk Do ". My third grade class performed that song and I couldn't help but bop along to it. Amused my friends but perhaps not so much the rest of the auditorium (oops!)). All in all, mildly entertaining. I think I was spoiled by the quality of the theatrical performances down in Los Angeles .... it just doesn't get much better than Michael Crawford in The Phantom Of The Opera! I mean, LDP did a great job with the character ... but I just kept hearing "bbbbbllaaadada La Bamba" in my head.

Okay, that's it for now. Hope y'all are having a great week!

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ms c said...

so is this why i haven't gotten an email from you in ages....all those men???? hrmmph. reminds me of a certain person we know :o) i want details, dambit!

use this: my men come in spurts.