Monday, July 09, 2007

Words of Wisdom

I just heard the greatest quote yesterday and so I thought I would share. The speaker was talking about the "disipline of respect" and said:

"You are the master of your words til you speak them -- then they are the master of you."

How true is that??? I love it!

And another little tidbit I found today, supposedly a quote from Danny Thomas to his daughter Marlo is:

"Put blinders on and run your own race"

Aren't those both great?? Now if only I could learn to live by those words ... ;)

I'll be working on it! :)

Happy Monday!!!

1 comment:

ms c said...

this is so weird. i mean how often do you think about danny thomas? a lot? i never think about him but just before opening your blog i wrote that my pelican and st. francis statues have the same profiles - danny thomas' noses. i sheet you not. synchronicity baby.

thanks for the quotes, chica.