Monday, July 30, 2007


My favorite yarn store in Portland is closing! ARGH!

I swung by on Sunday to buy yarn for two projects I want to start (I know, hello? ... REALLY, there is going to be knitting again? GET OUT!!!! :)) and saw this sign:

I walk in all befuddled.

Me: "uhhh, why does the sign say 'store closing sale'?????"

Salesperson: "yeah, we're closing"

Me: (*blink, blink*)

Me: "but .... whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???"

Salesperson: (*hem, haw*) "oh, several reasons, ya know" (*shuffles off*)

Me: (in head). "wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

But then after looking up and noticing all the yarn...

Me: (in head) "holy shit! All this yarn is 40% off!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!" (*insert happy dance*)

And about $100 later I walked out! YAY for new yarn! (though really, "boo" for store closing!)

So any local Portland knitters who were unaware.... Lint is closing and everything in the store is currently 40% off! And I'm sure the discount will increase as time marches on although the yarn selection will surely decrease as well. So the sooner you get there the better ..... for them and for you! (oh, alright ... for ME too! Because the less yarn there is there, the less I'll be tempted to go back and buy! So help a girl on a budget out, would ya?!! Pretty please? With cherries on top??? :))

p.s. oh, and really, there may be pictures of knitting stuff on this here site again soon!!!!! HOLY COW! I hope you were sitting down for that news cuz that there is quite the shocker I know! So stay tuned! :)

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sis said...

What lovely yarn. I like your floor too. So I am thinking some of that yarn would make a fine Christmas present for your favorite (or 2nd favorite) sis - hint, hint. Now is a nice time to start too. Just think you may be done ahead of time with no stress if you start now. LOL. (Like that is gonna happen - ha!)