Thursday, July 26, 2007

Speaking of copying people....

.... Ms C was just in town!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYY! And she made the mistake of showing me the cutest little notepad and telling me where she got it. So now I'VE got one for my purse too!!!! Whoo hoooo!!! (HEY! ... but it's a different color, Ms C, so maybe it's not really copying you at all?!! :))

But here, look, see ... isn't it too cute?!!! (sorry for the crappy pictures!)

And then, and THEN .... we went to a bbq and her friend S made the most delicious mini cheese ravioli pasta salad! And so now I will be copying that TOO!!! (mwaa haa haa haa!)

Oh, oh ... and I copied the rest of the world by buying and reading the new Harry Potter book! I popped into a bookstore Saturday afternoon looking to buy a different book and found a pile of the Harry Potter at 40% off! So I figured, what the hey, since my HP Book Loaner has since moved to North Carolina (bah!). And I had a backup HP Book Loaner (always good to carry a spare) but she got called off to London and I'm not sure if she remembered to pack her ark* before she went so who knows if she would make it back before someone spoiled the book's ending for me.

I think that's it lately with the copying of other people. Let's see, T2 (check), Ms C (check), her friend S (check), Rest Of World (check). Yep! That's it! See?.... not too shabby!

[that's right folks, TWO posts in one day! See, miracles DO happen!!! :)]

*massive flooding there for those of you who didn't get that ark reference!

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