Thursday, July 05, 2007

Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol!!!

That's right, Mr Taylor Hicks from American Idol fame was in Portland on May 11th playing at The Crystal Ballroom. Y'all ... he ROCKED!

I know, I know ... shocked, aren't you?

I know I was.

I mean, I loved him on American Idol but mainly for his personality because his music style, though good, isn't what I normally listen to.

But ever the faithful music fanatic, I decided to give his cd a shot.

I didn't love it.

I mean, it was good and all ... but not what I was going to grab to play when driving down the road. Because, when I drive down the road I like to rock out. Or at least to be caught up emotionally in the music.

His cd .... eh.

So after a listening or two .... back in the case it went.

However, I wasn't opposed to seeing him up close and personal. I mean, he IS adorable. And single! (what? :)) So hey ... what the hell, right??!

So my Sis2 and friend T2 and I headed down to check it out.

Folks, his concert was AWESOME!

"That's right, I'm #1!"

First of all, it started on time! Now, those of you frequent concert goers know this is a rarity. These rock folks aren't opposed to just wandering out whenever they darn well feel like it! So I'm used to waiting around forever for the main act to take the stage (Axl Rose being by far THE WORST (I think he took the stage about midnight and played til 2am ..... on a school night*.... sigh)).

And another bonus was that he didn't have an opening band! So when 8pm rolled around, the lights went out and Taylor appeared! Voila!! That, my friends, is my kinda concert**!

But then ... but THEN .... I could not believe the energy in the show! He handpicked a phenomenal backing band.

There was like 6 or 7 or them and they were fabulous musicians and so interesting to watch (one in particular ... ahem!).

And the entire show had a great rockin' jazz feel to it! SO MUCH ENERGY!!! I mean, seriously, how can you go wrong when you've got cowbell??!!! :)

"I gotta have more cowbell"

So really, I can NOT recommend his live shows more. We were talking to a roadie after the show (what?? ;)) and he said that a live concert dvd was being filmed (elsewhere) so to keep an eye out for that in the near future! Whoo hooo! I'm tellin' you, folks, either get the dvd and/or check out his show next time he swings through town because his live shows are so worth it!

In fact, here's a quick, quick, quick, quick, QUICK view (I have a much better video clip but apparently the file is too large to post (sigh) so I can only show you this one). But can't you just feel the energy....

Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol!!!!

*yeah, it's official ... I'm old!!!!!!

** again with the "old"

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