Monday, July 16, 2007

So yesterday some folks and I took a guided tour of the Oregon Zoo with a Cherokee Indian priestess. As we walked along, the priestess pointed out the significance of certain animals and how their appearance at different times in your life might have a specific spiritual meaning.

It was pretty interesting in that some of the animals did strange things when certain people in our group approached. Like one beaver would not leave one woman alone. Kept following her and putting its nose to the glass wherever she was at. The priestess indicated that the beaver symbolizes a builder and that this person might want to make sure she wasn't building herself into a corner somehow in her life.

Another had a huge swarm of fish pay extra special attention to her. I didn't catch the significance of that.

And another had two monkeys staring and screeching at her. The monkeys indicating foolishness.

And me?? Well, I had a billy goat licking on my hand for quite awhile. Which apparently doesn't have any great spiritual significance .... other than perhaps I was a big salt lick in a past life??


I am, perhaps, not so good at this spiritual stuff. The priestess was speaking about the giraffes having long necks because they are more godlike, closer to god, etc. And I couldn't help but think "or maybe they have long necks because their food source is the leaves off trees!!". Yeah, me and my logical mind are going to hell. Quick, send a hand basket!!!

But until I go to hell ..... I've got pictures (of course!)!!! Here's my favorite! Nothing like being up close and personal with a polar bear!!

And here are a few others:

"I like big butts and I can not lie...."

"Yeah, Kat, you're going to hell." - God-raffe

Hope y'all had a great weekend too! And I wasn't kidding about that hand basket! ;)

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T2 said...

Too cool on the zoo visit! I haven't even met a priestess so I'm thinking that you are more spiritual than you think. Oh, and I'll save you a spot in Hell girlie :)