Monday, June 25, 2007

The Harlot Does Portland

So, now that we are off the topic of China (*insert clapping and cheering*), back to Real Life!

I went and saw The Yarn Harlot speak at Powell's Books on Friday June 8th. It was a Packed House, let me tell you! Here's a picture showing part of the room.

Isn't that crazy!!?!! And there were more people to my right. As well as other folks turned away at the door due to overcrowding! I tell ya, it was standing room only with 45 minutes still til she was scheduled to speak. Luckily we all had knitting to while away the wait. I found myself knitting on a sock which (oddly) saw the light of day the last time I saw Stephanie speak. (and I wonder why it isn't finished yet! :))

Here's the Harlot upon arrival. I think it's so cute that you can barely see her over the massive podium!

And her obligatory sock pictures:

(Sorry for the blurry pictures. Apparently my camera has yet to recover from its workout in China!)

Anyway, and last but not least, I took video!!!! (shhhh, don't tell!)

So for any of you who have never seen her speak, here is a little blurb! She is so cute and funny, and is seen here talking about a possible wool shortage!!! (too cute!)

So, as always, a grand time had by all! Even for those of you Muggles (non-Knitters) out there ... I recommend checking her out next time she is in town. She truly is a hoot!


Jessica said...

VERY COOL....found out about her through Crazy Aunt Purl....NOW I LOVE them both!

Glad you are back! You always are doing so many cool things... LUCKY GIRL! LOL : )

shannon said...

man! i was going to join the fun, and hopefully get to meet you, but yoga was what i needed to do that night...

looks like she was amazing, per usual. :)