Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

I didn't plan on posting this "Signs" post next but that damn song* keeps playing in my head. So I figure maybe posting this will exorcise the song. (why yes I am a bit of an eternal optimist ... why do you ask?? :))

And when I say "everywhere a sign" ... Hong Kong especially had them crammed in pretty tight. Take a gander at these:

That's a lot of signs! And that last one in particular cracks me up. Because, isn't the sign in front itself a warning??? Maybe it's just me. :)

More in Hong Kong:

Also in Hong Kong, I found this one at the ferry terminal.

Hee hee .... they say it's a safe city and then immediately warn you about pickpockets!

Apparently the city is also not safe for pedestrians. As this sign indicates. (blood and all! tee hee heee)

A shout-out to my GE homies (this photo taken at the airport in Wuhan, China):

One of my favorite .... at the Three Gorges Dam in China:

"No Turning Over, Please" ..... hehehe (*slaps knee in merriment*)

This one I found at the Three Gorges Dam viewing site and I'm STILL trying to decipher the top portion of it!!!

This one there as well. Difficult to read but it says "Workaround. Please stop." (so polite):

I have to admit that I decided to pass on buying this snack in the Hutong area of Beijing (poor da Eyore):

Also in Hutong, a sign outside a bar:

On the Li River cruise ferry:

In Chongqing, China .... one of three Walmarts they have. I was told all are very, very popular and even have shuttles to go bring people to the store.

This in China:

Y'all, not a blade of grass in sight!!!!

And this one, with its 4 foot tall rock formations ..........

"Perilous Hills" .... hee hee hee!!!!

Another of my favorites ...... "no scratch"!!! A-ha ha (I know, I'm easily amused. What can I say?! :))

Found this deck of cards at the Xian airport. I was too scared to buy one pack to see what the cards actually pictured!!!

Are they really a deck of cards with pictures of Xian on the backs?? Or the pictures have something to do with "Amorous Feelings"???? I'm a little confused.

And this product ......

Seriously, what IS it?? "Senile Fleck Dispeller Cream" ..... should I have purchased 10 of them???

At the Starbucks in Shanghai:

In Hong Kong .... "healthy dessert"?? Isn't that an oxymoron?? (or it should be for a dessert to be a proper dessert at least!!! :))

In the City of Ghosts on a chairlift up to the temple, running, walking and/or skipping is fine ... but for godsakes, "No Striding"!!!! :)

For those of you familiar with Britain's "Mind the Gap" subway sign .... here's Hong Kong's version:

And also Hong Kong's version of Britain's "Look Right" warning to those of us pedestrians accustomed to cars driving on the right side of the road. (that's "right" as in "not left" ...Just sayin'! :))

And last but not least, clear indications that it was time to go home:

* "Signs" by Five Man Electrical Band

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