Tuesday, June 19, 2007

People, Places and Things ...... oh my?

Okay, so apparently I took WAY too many pictures in China and so maybe I'll pare this post down to just People. Because if I add on Places and Things I'm certain Blogger will disown me. As will all y'all! ;)

Anyway, I loved people watching there. And everyone was so sweet. And interesting. And the lifestyles and surroundings were just a photographer's dream!

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite photos from China.

Cute kids! These taken at the Chongqing Zoo:

Just look at that little girl in the first pic with her hair!!! GAH! ... sooo cute! I smile every time I look at her!

And I asked Gramps if I could take a picture of his grandbaby because I wanted to show you the No Diaper Phenomenon I found everywhere (seriously, didn't see even one diaper. Just bare bottoms). But Gramps figured I'd want a front shot so turned the baby towards me and I couldn't figure out how to non-pedophiley explain that I wanted a picture of the baby's bare butt!! So I didn't .......and settled for just this Cute Picture instead. :)

But at least in this next one you can kind of see the opening in the baby's clothing. No diaper. Which may or may not explain the stain down the mom's leg. Just sayin'.

Taken in Chongqing's Old Town

My favorite cute kid! He was hanging out at a dock when we were in port one morning and I snapped this picture through the cruise ship's dining room window.

I think his mom worked on the docks. Here he is watching as his mom worked on the fishing nets.

We visited a kindergarten class. They sang the ABC song for us!

In the port of Fengdu, a vendor carrying her baby:

Also in Fengdu, a vendor baby! (hello?! Labor Laws???)

And last but not least with regard to pictures of Young 'Uns (how you hanging in there, Ms C?? :)), I found these girls while I was wandering the streets of Xian. They were playing Chinese jump rope (would that just be called "jump rope" there????) and I wanted to catch a picture but they came running over to pose when I pulled the camera out. Love it though. They were so sweet!

Okay, on to adults! Here's one of the Peking Opera stars gearing up for the night's performance:

A gentleman outside a club in the Hutong area (took that one while cruising by in a rickshaw!):

Our group heading into the Forbidden City in Beijing on the only rainy day we encountered on the whole trip!

Check this out. In Chongqing, motorcycle taxis!!! (no helmet for the passengers)

(sorry for the reflection ... taken through the bus window)

In the Yu Yuan Garden in Shanghai. There was sweeping going on EVERYWHERE in China. I even saw one person sweeping the highway! (seriously!). And this broom is the style they all used.

A street scene outside our bus window in Wuhan. Not sure why the man was standing around in his underwear ... but now he's on the internets (that'll teach him!! :))

I took this outside of the Summer Palace in Beijing:

And this in the Hutong area of Beijing:

On the Li River outside of Guilin:

A seemingly popular way to carry things in Old Town of Chongqing. Looks like Moving Day in that second picture...

In fact, my theory is that you could hire these guys to carry things for you. I saw some men sitting around with some of these poles nearby. I wish I had some of them locally ... I've always got some stuff I could use schlepped around!!! :)

Also in Old Town, this picture:

A Chinese coworker believes the sign indicates this is a dentist's office. The question is .... is this the waiting room ... or are these the dentists??? :)

And last but not least, two pictures of men playing a game. I figured it to be Chinese Checkers which is why I snapped the pictures. Hee heee ... Chinese Checkers ... in China! HA! (seriously, I'm like 12 ... I know this!! :))

Outside Summer Palace and in Chongqing's Old Town, respectively.

Okay, that will do for awhile. I think we've all had our fill of China pictures. Next up ... something non-China related!! :)

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