Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Add "Crazy Plant Lady" to my resume!!

Oh man, my poor condo neighbors ... they do NOT know what they are in for!!!! You see, I have been missing my garden lately. You remember, the garden I grew at my old house under the tutelage of Ms C?

Ah memories.....

And now that it is spring/summer and everything is a'bloomin' out and about in Portland... I've found myself wandering amongst nurseries yearning for some of my old plants ("yearning" in only a platonic sense, of course!!!!).

I mean, my deck does have a lavender and a jasmine in pots which I brought over from my old house and those are doing well. (they'll be doing REALLY well once they start bloomin' (come onnnnnn Jasmine!!!)). And I also have a few gigantor bamboos I purchased from a neighbor who was moving out.

But yet I yearn.

I yearn for the old. (hello? Issues with letting go??)

But thankfully, I do not have issues with "shopping" and so I went on a shopping spree for more plants!!

Only, I couldn't bring myself to buy "normal" container style plants because I loved the plants I used to have! And so I purchased some of those.... you know, the ones which should be planted in a yard, grow really really big, are perennials, like full sun and, did I mention, they grow really, REALLY big?!?!

Heh, heh!

So I'm not sure how well they will do in containers on my only partially sunny deck but .... see those big white daisies in the picture above?? Yeah, I bought those. And those tall, purple coneflowers? Yep, those too. And in the very front, the lavender color?? ... that's catmint. My cats loved it (yes, shamefully, in the "wink,wink" fashion) and so I bought one of those for them too (see, "Crazy Cat Lady" still stands!!!). And I may have bought one or two other plants (what? :))

Anyway, so if all those grow well there won't be room on my deck to sit. Seriously!!!!! BUT ... does The Crazy stop there?? Oh no, no, my friends.

Because yesterday I was out on my lunch hour looking for this one particular flower I still wanted which would "finish" off the deck, so to speak. I didn't find it. BUT ... I did find a butterfly guara that I!!! A butterfly guara which also grows Freakishly Large!!! Hee hee hee.

But wait, there is more to this Crazy! So I bought the guara during my lunch hour which meant that I had to leave it in my car for the rest of the work day and so I was concerned that the car might get too hot. So I cracked a window for it! HAHAHA (*slaps knee in merriment*). Yeah, there's the true crazy, my friends.

So send help. OR ... better yet, send more potting soil! Because I think it's still early in the planting season and someone just mentioned something called "plant stands"! ;)


ms c said...

don't you just miss that feather grass or whatever it was called? and agastache? don't forget about that. you know, cornell farm had the best agastaches although portland nursery wasn't bad on that front. gosh, i haven't thought about gardening in months. thanks a lot, chica!

can't wait to see pictures of your deck!

Kat said...

That's so funny about you mentioning the agastache. I was just trying to convince T2 to buy one on Saturday when we were at Portland Nursery. Because she's got Yard and agastaches grow BIG (well, at least mine do) which is why I can't have one on the deck ... I'm scared it would consume my entire condo!

As to the feather grass ... RIP little feather grass. I had brought one when I moved from my house and just this past weekend had to pull the plug on it. Poor thing. It was in a pot by my front door. I call that place the Spot O' Death. I have an astilbe in there now ... I'm trying not to get emotionally attached to it since I figure it only has 3-4 weeks tops! Damn Spot O' Death!