Monday, April 09, 2007

Picture updates!

Yep, just not "updates" ... but for your patience I have "updates WITH pictures". That's right ... who's your daddy??

First off, another picture of My Pretties.

Sigh. My Pretties are long gone now ... but man, did I love them while I had them.


So what is UP with getting old?? I mean, bad enough that bars don't card me anymore ... but seriously, now the local stores are taking one look at me and printing "age verification bypassed" when I go to buy a cd with explicit lyrics?? What the HELL? Bastards!


On a MUCH better note, I was invited to an AWESOME "thank you" dinner party by friends last week. I helped a girlfriend schlep some clothes from one place to another and for that I was included in a special dinner her husband planned out with the chef at the restaurant where he works.

A full SEVEN COURSE MEAL with a new alcoholic beverage specifically for each dish. I'd tell you about it ... but really ... seven drinks ... who the hell knows what happened! ;)

BUT ... luckily, I brought home the menu.

That second course was by far my favorite. Unfortunately, the meal was created specifically for this night and ya can't get the dishes again. BAH! I'll have to see if that chef is single ... maybe he and I can work out a trade?? (what?? The food was REALLY, REALLY good, damnit!!!) :)

Because did you see?....... "mimosa hollandaise" and "foie gras butter" sauce! Does it get any better than that?? (well, yeah ... if it didn't have 10 million calories per serving I suppose ... but other than that ... no! :))

And that night was the first time (and quite possibly the last! ;)) I've tried a raw oyster. The taste reminded me of growing up boogie boarding on the southern california beaches and getting tossed by a wave and coming up with a mouthful of seawater and sand. Only this had the added "benefit" of the slimy oyster texture. Bleck!. Now, the fried oyster wasn't bad. But given the chance, I'd still select the prawns in mimosa hollandaise instead. Mmm mmm mmm.

Oh, oh ... and did anyone catch the "chicken of the swamp" on the menu? Anyone know what that is?? I've tried it before ... in New Orleans ... if that is any hint! :)

All in all ... an absolutely fantabulous night! Thanks guys!!!!


And finally, reason #37 why it is pointless to try and have nice furniture at my place. This is Emma squashing down the cushions along the back of the sofa. She's cute ... sure ... but seriously ... nice furniture is good too, ya know?? :)

Oh fine ... I'll let her off the hook ... I mean, just look at that face! And the little paw resting over the back of the couch. Too cute!

That's it for now! Hope everyone is having a great week!!


ms c said...

hmmm, so, uh, kat? you're willing to trade for a meal that was "really really good" so if you're doing an even trade, you're implying that you're really really good, too? not to get personal, but.....

anyway, do whatever you HAVE to do to get the mimosa hollandaise sauce recipe, okay?

Kat said...

Hey, I'm with ya there, Ms C. Because that mimosa hollandaise sauce was drenched over this biscuit which was to die for! (or to prostitute oneself for .. whatever! :))

We can go eat there when you come up. I heard those biscuits are usually available so maybe we can get the sauce whipped up for us too?! (hey, it COULD happen ... we've got an "in" there). Man, my mouth is watering just thinkin' about it!!! :)

T1 said...

Man oh man! I am so jealous! You know I love that place, that food, those drinks...and the folks who had the thank you dinner.

Sigh. I miss y'all!!

Q is trying to climb my chair...gotta run!

Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome, Kat. Yum. What restaurant is it?

And your cat really IS too cute!

Kat said...

Yeah, T1 ... though the food and drinks were scrumilicious ... the group of people there (even some I didn't know) were BY FAR the best part. What awesome people. Would have been WAYYYY better had you been there of course. I was just thinking this morning about how much I miss Baby Q too. What's up with that? DAMNIT!

Sigh. Y'all are coming out again soon, aren't you????

Kat said...

Anon ... the place is called Roots.