Friday, February 09, 2007

The Daughtry-goodness.... oh yeah!

So I was one of the lucky few to have tickets to see Chris Daughtry (with his band "Daughtry") perform at Berbati's Pan in Portland, Oregon this past Wednesday.

For those of you who don't know ... Chris Daughtry was not our "next American Idol" last year ... but he was pretty darn close! :)

And because he was sooo well loved on American Idol ..... and because the sales on his debut album broke records ... I was shocked to find that he was playing at such a tiny, tiny venue.

Shocked .... but elated, might I add.

Because when you have The Pretties play at such small venues ... you can easily get pictures like this:

mmm, mmm, mmmm

Which you can't get when you are crammed up against the rafters at the big stadium shows. And we all like up close and personal pictures like this of The Pretties, don't we?!! Yeahhhhh, I thought so!

But before I launch into the display of some of the eleveteen hundred pictures I took while at the show ... let's talk opening bands! Because Daughtry had two of them and they were two of the better opening bands I've ever seen.

Now the first band to take the stage was Cinder Road. I'd never heard of them before and so was not going to take any photos (if you need a more concrete reason, let us all remember my Aerosmith concert post ! ;)).

Halfway through the first song I realized that I really, really liked them ... but was too engrossed in the music to even think about taking pictures. I'm kinda sad about that now. Even though I found I had to keep deleting photos from my 1 GIG MEMORY CARD during the Daughtry portion of the show so I could keep taking photos (and maybe some video .... shhhhh!!!!), I still could have spared at least one photo for Cinder Road. Maybe.

The second band to take the stage was Eve To Adam. The music was good but didn't move me as much as Cinder Road's did (on the first listening. I'm pretty sure they would really grow on me!). And yet ... for SOME reason (not quite sure why ... maybe you can figure it out) ... I felt the need to snap a few photos.

Maybe it was just for folks I thought might be interested in tatoo art.

I'm pretty sure it had nothing to do with the rock hard abs.

But whatever the reason, I must admit that I was never bored during their performance! ;) I'm pretty sure there was music playing while they were on stage. But was it Rock? Classical?? Polka?? ... I don't know. Must have been something though because here's another picture ... and he's got a guitar........ :)

Okay, where was I?? ... oh right .... let's move on and perhaps get to know Chris Daughtry a little better, eh?

Here's Exercise Chris:

"s t r e t c h, reach for it .................... now out in front...."

"okay, now get your knees up!"

Gather 'Round And Let Me Tell You A Story Chris:

Pee-Pee Dance Chris:

Playing With Da Boys Chris:

Playing With Da Other Boys Chris ;):

Time To Get Serious Chris:

I Can Hit The High Notes Chris:

Rappin' To The Homies Chris:

Spiritual Chris:

Look Ma, I Can Play Guitar Chris:

Vunerable Chris:

Kat Likes Your Ass Chris:

This Is The Church, This Is The Steeple Chris:

Workin' It Chris:

Hottie Hot Hot Hot Chris:

And last but not least....

Thumbs Up Chris:

"I rock"

That's right, baby ... you DO rock! The show was great! And I wish you much continued success!

Next time though .... maybe you TOO could take YOUR shirt off?! Just a thought...

Oh, and before I forget ... I snuck a little video for everyone's viewing pleasure. Shhhh ... don't tell!

Enjoy! And make sure to go see him when he hits your town! He'll be there ... he said he is touring for the rest of the year! (holy cow!!!). Also, he plays a song written by him and one of my faves .... Rob Thomas! Yee doggie! Can't wait to have that one in my hot little hands (I'm talking about a copy of the song. Not Rob. Or Chris. (Not that I wouldn't trade the song for either .... but I'm just sayin'! :)))

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