Thursday, September 06, 2007

A breath of fresh air!

With all the disheartening news online lately, I thought y'all might enjoy this very uplifting story! Seems a Mystery Gardener did some free yard work for a Red Cross building when nobody was around ... and no-one knows who it was. How awesome is that??

Story here.

That reminds me of the Nick Cage movie "It Could Happen To You" where his character spends his lottery winnings randomly and anonymously helping people. Just simple things like offering up free tokens to people heading into work on the NYC subway! Seriously, how fun would that be?

Ellen DeGeneres just did something similar on her show yesterday where she took over duties at a toll booth in NYC and let people go through for free (well, they had to sing or something first ... but still ... that saved them $6 (btw, $6 per trip through the tunnel??? HOLY HELL!))

Love it! So thanks Mystery Gardener for stepping up and doing this Random Act Of Kindness. I thought for sure that you'd be stepping up to take credit once the story hit the papers ... but nope, you haven't! Which makes it simply perfect! Thank you!


ms c said...

it's about time you posted! and a good one, too. wish i had me a tv so i could watch ellen. oh, and i guess i'll have to miss out on AI again this year :(

Julie said...

I love hearing about people doing things like this. Restores my faith in humanity :)

Sis said...

We should all do some mysterious acts of kindness. Just think how much better the world would be if everybody did something like this just once.