Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I am perhaps not so smart

So y'all know how I loves me my dvr/tivo, right?! And am now officially spoiled rotten by it?!

Yep, ain't no way around it. Because you KNOW you are spoiled by dvr/tivo when you are driving in your car and try to rewind the radio. Yep. The DJs were talking and then they started laughing. Only I had missed what they said (due to something shiny I can only suppose) so I reached over to try to rewind what they said.

On more than one occasion.


Send help! (Or rewinding live radio! :))

1 comment:

T1 said...

Actually there is a Sirius receiver that will let you rewind.

But I have not noticed much talking on the Sirius.

Of course I hardly get to listen to it as Q is usually wanting his usually I'm listening to the Backyardigans.