Monday, September 10, 2007

The Chronicles of Life and ......... hey, where is everybody???

So Friday at lunch I'm listening to radio station 105.1 The Buzz when they announce that they will be at a new-fangled outdoor shopping mall (Bridgeport, to those in the know) between 3:30 and 5:30 that afternoon giving out tickets to that night's Justin Timberlake concert. They also mention that the band Good Charlotte, who was set to open for Justin that night, would be there sometime during that time singing a few songs and signing autographs.

Now, being that I live the lifestyle of the Not-Quite Rich and the Not-So Famous meant that I was stuck at work and couldn't leave to be there right at 3:30pm. Blasted! Nonetheless, I did manage to high-tail right over after work and arrived at 4:30!

I walk in wondering where all the hubbub was at. I expected impossible parking (found one right off) and hordes of people. I mean, seriously, Good Charlotte is a popular band with great music and a number of cds ..... where the f@ck were the shocked-yet-delighted masses of fans pulling out their hair and throwing their panties??

'Twas crazy. Not a pierced nor tattooed fan in sight!

(*insert sound of crickets chirping*)

After much wandering around and querying of the "Who is Good Charlotte???" Folks, I finally found someone who said that the band might possibly be across the street at the new section of the Bridgeport Village! Criminey!

I jog on over and arrive to the sounds of Good Charlotte music!! Yippee Skippee!! And better yet, there were MAYBE 100 people there watching the show. MAYBE!

Without time to question why so few people were there, I join the back of the pack watching the performance and video'd this for all y'all:

How cool, right?! I was sooo jazzed!

Now normally I would have more video for you, but as un-luck would have it, that was the only song I got to see! Right after recording this came the sounds of "thank you and good night!". I was all "seriously"??? (*insert sound of much foot stomping and cussing*)


Still happy I took the time to go though. I was going to hang out to catch autographs but being that I didn't have time to swing by my place to grab their cds beforehand I had bupkus for them to sign (just ANY piece of paper isn't my thing). Plus without a wing-man, I'm pretty wussie when it comes to asking for pictures with the band members. Of course, my internal rationalization wasn't that I was a "wuss" per se, but that I needed to be across rush-houred town to meet up with a friend by 5:45. So, ya know, otherwise I would certainly have waited in line with my Big-Girl Pants on and asked for a picture.

Uh-huh. (If y'all believe that then I've got a bridge to sell ya!)

Instead I have the following two pics. The first while the band was still on stage, and the second as they were walking into the Verizon store to sign autographs. (seriously, they are there ..... it's just a "Where's Waldo")

Regardless, yay for Good Charlotte! Very cool of you guys to take the time to perform before the show for this promotional event. I'm not sure where all your fans were though .... I'm still baffled by that. Perhaps your song title "The Young And The Hopeless" is more fitting than y'all thought. ;)


T1 said...

I must send you life-size cutout of me for your wing-woman. Sigh. I miss these kinds of things.

The most "famous" we get here is the dad of the Hardy Boys (WWF dudes).

Plus....being able to be outside for more than 5 minutes without dying of heat stroke...priceless.

( couldn't have hooked up a free tic to see JT...just for me??)

Kat said...

T1 - apparently I needed me a wing-woman to hit up the radio people for the tickets too.


"Hello, my name is Kat, and I'm a wuss-aholic. Send big-girl pants!"