Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Have y'all picked your turtle contestant in the Great Turtle Race yet?? Biologists are tracking 11 turtles on their migration from Costa Rica to the Galapagos Island over the next two weeks. Doesn't sound too exciting in black and white ... but go check out that website! What a hoot!

My money is on Sundae!! OF COURSE! Like I wouldn't pick the turtle named after a dessert! ;)

And sure, sure ... she's in 10th place at the time of this posting. In fact, it almost looks like she hasn't quite left yet. BUT hey .... a girl's got things to do before she leaves for a long trip. LOTS of packing and whatnot. And maybe she thought she left the stove on or something. Still a long race to go .... she'll get going. You just watch! ;)

Who is your money on??

1 comment:

Liz G. said...

Ok, Mine is Stephanie Colburtle...Go Stephanie Go!