Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Minding my own business...

Y'all ... I'm just trying to mind my own business browsing through Craigslist for a lamp. A lamp ... something totally innocuous, right?! And look what I find .... all in today's listings ... sheesh!

The Naked Lady Lamp

Granted, that one is not TOO bad and could even be considered "art".

But this one? ....... I don't think so!

The ad itself is hysterical:

"It's a boob lamp. What can I say. There is light bulb inside that makes the boobs shine."

Hahahahaha! Classy, yes?!

But my favorite lamp ... by FAR ... is this lamp:

I do not know why this lamp amuses me so much. Ah hell ... yes I do ... it's the damn dangley things ... those are priceless!!! Ah ha ha. Man, I am fighting, fighting, fighting to keep myself from picking up the phone and buying this thing. GAH! Love it!!!

Ah well, there ya go. A little Craigslist for you and I didn't even have to look in the personal ad to find the bizarre!


Bobbi said...

those are awesome thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Those are just too funny! And the YouTube video yesterday - a riot. I immediately sent it to my husband because he constantly has people telling him their computers aren't working and it's something stupid like they didn't turn on the monitor!