Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Only slightly more fascinating than watching paint dry

Yep, instead of making you watch paint dry on this here blog (and don't think I haven't thought about it because ya know me and the painting), I've decided to let you watch a plant grow.

Whoo hooo! Does it GET any more exciting than this? Oh, I think not. :)

Here's the scoop.

I was raving to my friend T2 about how excited I was that a paperwhite bulb I had purchased to grow indoors but a mere couple of weeks ago has already turned into full blown paperwhites! And I am Oh So Excited because I actually grew something INDOORS. Without killing it. And it grew FAST. And I loves it. See?

(please disregard the soil on the floor. The gorgeous paperwhites had just tipped over because they have grown way too tall for this cheap-ass planter the bulb came with. So whenever the soil gets sufficiently dry ... it tips over.

On the plus side ... this is an idiot proof way for me to know when they need water! (heh))

ANYWAY, so I told T2 that I was thinking of buying an amaryllis bulb next so I could have some Amaryllis Joy to add to my Paperwhites Joy (y'all ... I REALLY need to get out more!)

So anyway, that same day she surprised me with one! (thanks T2)

And so For Your Viewing Pleasure ..... I give you (*insert drum roll please*) The Potting Of The Amaryllis Bulb. (HEY ... it was either this or a post about how sad The Kim Family Saga, which I've been on the edge of my seat following the last couple of days, turned out to be. Trust me ... this is better!)

First off ... here's the box illustrating what my bulb should flower into.

Pretty right?

And the bulb itself:

Now stay with me ... here is where it gets exciting*....

Check this out. It's the soil that came with the bulb.

Isn't that crazy?? It says you just soak it in 2 1/2 cups of water and it turns into the appropriate amount of potting soil. What will they think of next???

After 1/2 hours......

After an hour....

After an hour and a half (I think ... there may have been some TV distraction somewhere in here)...

Ta da! My potted amaryllis!

Now aren't y'all glad you stuck around for that?? Yeahhhhh, I thought so! I'm sure I'll just be overloaded with emails each day inquiring into just how tall it's grown, right?! Right! ;)

But don't you worry none ... I'll be sure to post about it. (heh). (seriously, send me a boyfriend. QUICK! :))

*okay ... "exciting" may be a relative description. :)


goodgirl036 said...

he he he I am almost tempted to fly up there to rescue you....prayers are pouring in. : )

Julie said...

In a few days you won't need a boyfriend. You HAVE seen what an amaryllis looks like before it flowers, haven't you? If not, you are in for a treat :)

Anonymous said...

T2 here - mine is GOING TO TOWN! Thanks Linda - it loves it's office location :) That soil in yours was a trip - I'm glad that it was legit and that it appears to be coming along quite nicely. Look at us garden!!

Kat said...

Hi Julie! Yes, I DO know what the amaryllis looks like before it flowers. I feel dirty