Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I have been knitting like the wind lately, in an attempt to knit a pair of socks to gift to my bf for his birthday this weekend. Though, of course, when I say "like the wind", I mean "a slight sporadic breeze" as we all know I'm a slow ass knitter.

In the past, I was thinking that a pair of socks normally took me about three to four weeks, knitting around my full-time job, occasional social events, and the ever needed thing called sleep. But what I failed to take into account when I started this pair three weeks ago was that:

A) these are bigger (and hence more work) than the others I've knitted
B) I can't knit them on weekends because he spends weekends with me! GAH!!

Boy, don't think those realizations about a week in didn't cause some panic!

So I only had four evenings (at best) per week to work on them. So each free night I had I'd buckle down and knit for hours in my attempt to finish.

Which, amazingly, happened last night! Just in the nick of time, as he comes over tomorrow right after work so we can leave for Los Angeles! WHEW! That's cutting it close. They are currently blocking and I should be able to gift wrap them tonight! WOOOOOOOOT!

Take a gander, ain't they pretty!

They are a little big on me (note the looseness around the heels and ankles), so I'm HOPING they fit him. I've never knit man's socks before so it was all guess-work (and a little help from T1 (*shout out!*)) with regard to how many stitches to use. I normally cast on 60 for mine, so used 72 for his. Fingers crossed they fit! (please, please, please!)

Also, speaking of T1, here's the pic of the socks you helped me finish earlier this year! I loves them! Thanks so much for reminding me how to do the freakin' heel turn!!! Sorry it took so long for me to post the pic!

(err, which also reminds me that I never posted the Hawaii pics. So I'll get to that, perhaps after I post about this weekend's LA ones!)

Have a great weekend!

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