Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stop the presses!! The socks fit!!! Woot!

So the trip to Los Angeles was a success!!!!! And not only because, LOOK .... the socks I knit for my bf fit!!!!!

YAY! And not only did they fit, they fit perfectly!! Double yay!!!

But also, since C had never been to LA before, I was able to show him around a bit, what with LA being my home town and all.

(I also got to introduce him to my mom, and to my friend V and her family! YAY!)

Look how huge this city is .... all concrete, not many trees. It's quite a different view flying into Portland, Oregon, I tell ya!

First up, we hit Venice Beach.

I was hoping the loonies would be out in force for him to experience. I have a feeling that he was hoping the hot bikini rollerblading babes would be out in force for him to experience. ;) Sadly, we were both disappointed. Venice was pretty quiet for a nice sunny day. Of course, we were there before noon on a weekday so perhaps the loonies (and babes) are still sleeping at that time? :)

We did see this character though! Long live rasta!

And I like this photo I took of a lady walking on the pier.

But for the most part, not too many folks out and about on the boardwalk. Certainly no-one working out in the famous muscle beach portion of Venice.

And (thankfully?) no-one walking around in the plus-sized bikinis available (don't do it, people!)

So we gave up on people watching, and I dragged him to my favorite burger joint there in Venice .... Hinanos. It looks like a little dive bar (and it is ;)), but I swear the burgers are really, really good! So do yourself a favor and try it out next time you're there!

We also checked out Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade. And the Santa Monica pier. Many more people there.

Santa Monica Pier

They had a demonstration on the beach, showing a cross for each American soldier killed in Iraq. It made for a lot of crosses. :(

On a more chipper note, we drove up to the Hollywood Sign to get a better view (since the smog was certainly making its presence apparent). I always love seeing the Hollywood Sign.

We also took in a couple of Dodger games, as his Chicago Cubs just HAPPENED to be playing my Dodgers on his birthday! (how fortuitous!). As you can see, we had pretty great seats!

Also cool that this year is the Dodger's 50th anniversary. So I made sure to pick up some memorabilia while I was there!

Of course, I had to show C Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Blvd, and the Sunset Strip. We got out and walked along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and took in some footprints at Grauman's Chinese Theater. Look, T2!! .... the Ocean's 11 guy's prints are on display now! (T2 and I looked high and low for them while we were there in Oct!). They are located smack dab in the center in front of the theater doors! (to anyone planning a trip there soon!)

Here's George Clooney's (le sigh!)

And Brad Pitt's:

And Jerry Weintraub's (the producer of the Ocean movies)

And Matt Damon's!

Dang luck ladies who were on hand to see those guys do their prints. George Clooney, Brad Pitt AND Matt Damon .... all in one place. Yikes-a-bee .... my breathing quickens just thinking about it!!! Whew.

Apparently they also did the stars of the Harry Potter movies as well as those are on display right below those of the Ocean's 11 guys.

For dinner Saturday night, we tried out Ketchup on the Sunset Strip. What a great place! We had so much fun! And the food was great! We tried a variety of appetizers, including some little burger "sliders" (which were FABULOUS) and even more fun was the sampler platter of fries and ketchup. Yep, three different french fries to try out with five different ketchups! Too much fun. And all quite delicious! I'd definitely go back, that restaurant was a hoot!

While we were leaving the restaurant, who should we see coming in but Jason Castro of American Idol fame. Being that David Cook and Michael Johns were my Idol boys this season (and of the two I'd probably only truly stalk David Cook), I gave Jason only a chin nod of recognition as I passed him. But C shook his hand and congratulated him as we walked by. So that was cute. It's never a real trip to LA until you see someone famous and see something being filmed (which we did on our way back from the Hollywood Sign).

So definitely a successful trip. Socks fit (check). Sunny weather (check). Saw something being filmed (check). Saw someone famous (check). Saw the Hollywood Sign (check). Doesn't get much more LA than that! ;)

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