Thursday, March 13, 2008

With these kinda odds, maybe I should be buying a lotto ticket??

So this is crazy! I was just reading an article listing the 2008 top 10 Dirtiest Hotels in America .... and I've stayed at the hotel listed as NUMBER ONE!!!!!! Y'all ....... what are the odds??? Just think about that ..... how many frickin' hotels are there in your city alone?!!!! Now ponder in ALL OF AMERICA! And I managed to hit #1! Scary, isn't it! And the dang thing was like $150 a night too! That's the real pisser! I mean, you pay $29.99 for a room ... well, expect to be rooming with some cockroaches. But $150? Come onnnn, now. At least change the sheets, know what I'm sayin??

Here's the top 10 list for those of you interested:

The 2008 Dirtiest US Hotels

1. Hotel Carter, New York
2. Ramada Niagara Falls, New York
3. Days Inn Vanderbilt/Music Row, Nashville
4. Red Carpet Inn, Fort Lauderdale
5. Regency Inn & Suites, New York
6. St. Augustine Beachfront Resort
7. Travel Inn Civic/Medical Center, Miami
8. Eden Roc Motel, Wildwood
9. Days Inn Lancaster, Lancaster
10. Pacific Sands Motel, Santa Monica

And here's a link to my writeup of the hotel in a post back in 2005. Man, just seeing those pictures again makes me want to scrub down in a scalding hot shower for a couple of hours, let me tell you!! Because it was NASTY!

Seriously, where's my loofah!??!


T1 said...

Thankfully I have never stayed in any of those. However...

CB and I once stayed in a place so scary we refused to shower, wouldn't actually sit on the toilet, slept on top of the covers and in the morning discovered weeds - actual weeds - growing up through the carpet.

I say slept, but I don't think we did. We were afraid our car would get jacked and I think one of us was always lookin' out the window.

All of this somewhere in the middle of New Mexico.

d said...

C'mon now... Le Hotel Carter RAWKED. =)

d said...

And do you think they're actually kinda proud? Like, bad publicity is better than no publicity? Yeah. You have to wonder.

And lookit you...Hawaii, Boston, and LA in just a few short months. You go, girl. =)