Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Things that make you go "hmmm"

So I put an extra tampon into my front pocket of my jeans this morning (keeps me from having to take my purse to the ladies room thereby announcing to all what time of the month it is ... ahem!) in anticipation of needing it at some point during the day. Only, when I just went to the ladies room, it was no longer in my pocket. Which leads one to wonder, at what point (and maybe more specifically, WHERE) during this workday did it leap out??

I work for a small company, and I'm the only woman in the development department. So it's not as if I can blame a wayward tampon on a programming coworker, know what I'm saying?!

The problem is ... I can't FIND the darned thing! I've scoured under my desk and backtracked from the restroom to my office. Bupkus! I suppose it COULD be in the breakroom at which point I could play dumb and say it was someone else's (there are other women that work here ... just not in my area). But I'd still love to know where that f'er got to. And which person found it. Sigh. It is looking to be one of THOSE days! Instead of hunting for the tampon I do believe I need to switch this hunt to chocolate!!! :)

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ms c said...

ms s, truly hysterical. could've been worse. that's all i'll say.