Thursday, August 21, 2008

You Know You Have Too Many Houses When....

So I just read this quote from Barak Obama about John McCain:

"Somebody asked John McCain, 'How many houses do you have?’ And he said, I’m not sure. I’ll have to check with my staff. True quote: I’m not sure, I’ll have to check with my staff."


I hope one day that we are all so lucky to have so many you forget count. Like "oh right ... that's right ... add one more to the total ... I forgot about that beach house in Fiji. Crap, and that mansion in Belize. Oh wait, does a penthouse apartment in Paris count???"

Yeah. Or maybe just to have a staff. How fun would that be??? Where do you sign on for that!?! I want a cleaning staff, and a cooking staff, and pool boy staff (what?), and a grocery shopping staff, and a cat box cleaning staff, and and and!!!

Man, that's the good life. Especially that cat box cleaning staff. Cuz yee doggie, my cats know how to dirty up a box, know what I'm sayin'?!

Only when I am so lucky, I plan on knowing what I have. Otherwise, I'd feel pretty ungrateful, you know?! And I'm not saying that McCain isn't grateful ... it could just be a confusion over whether he owns the property or his wife does, or whether he was unsure if he was supposed to count each condo he owned or just count the entire condo property as "1 property". Could happen. (or he could be an ungrateful ass rich guy .... don't know! ;))

Either way, I don't think Obama should be using this as an example of McCain being out of touch with your average American. Cuz really, Obama, how many "average" Americans make $4 million dollars a year and live in million dollar mansions?!! Yeah, Pot, meet Kettle. Just because McCain (and his wife) have more money than you, doesn't make you average. Just sayin'.

(Wait a minute ... how did I go from writing a short, mocking post to standing up on this political soap box???? Sorry about that!) (*slinks off soap box and starts browsing ads for cat box cleaners *)


Jeanne said...

OMG, that's too funny. He really said that? Oh, to be in the position where I don't know how many houses I have!

Or... ooh. Maybe it's early onset Alzheimers and he really doesn't know!

Is there someone other than these two clowns that we can vote for in November?

Kat said...

I hear ya, Jeanne. I always feel as if I have to vote who I believe to be the lesser of two evils. That just ain't right! SOME DAY hopefully there will be someone I can have a little faith in. But not this year. Again! :)

T1 said...

I don't need to mention the fact that you don't have a pool for that pool boy staff do I??