Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Apparently I'm now a Monthly Blogger....

... Instead of an Almost Daily Blogger. What the hell happened there? It's as if my blogging ability has dried up. Or my creativity. Or my time. Or all of the above. Actually, I think it's mainly my time. Work has been busy since one of our programmers left and now I actually have to work! (gah! :))

Ah well, instead of analyzing it .... let's just get to a quick roundup of what's been going on!

First up, though I can't name names as I don't know quite how public the info is, I'd like to congratulate YouKnowWhoYouAre on the fact that I'm going to be an "auntie" again! Whoo hoooo! And I am using all my positive thinking to believe that after the baby is born, these folks won't up and move across country as SOME other people did after they had their little one (*cough T1 cough*) :) I want to be an in-town auntie, damnit, so these folks MUST stay! (that's right, I'm laying down the law!). Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS! I am very excited for you guys!

More exciting news, T1 and hubby and baby were just in town! Whoo hooo! And though it was fabulous just to spend time with them, the BEST part was that T1 helped me "remember" how to do the heel on my sock! I know, I know ... I've done what .... at least 5 or 6 pairs in the past? And even had finished the first sock of this pair. AND even had the pattern on how to do the heel. And yet, I stared at the directions, I stared at my needles, and had NO clue! So I waited til my Knitting Guru came back to town and now I am well on my way to finishing the sock! YAY! Just a few more stripes on the main foot part to do and then I start the toe decreases! (hmmm, toe decreases .... do I remember how to do that?? T1, maybe you need to book another flight soon??? :))

We had a gathering while T1 was in town, and during that another friend's 4 year old daughter wanted to sing for the group. Now remember, she's FOUR. Also, she's never had a singing lesson .... just watched the movie so many times that she has taught herself. Check out this video .... amazing!

Yeah, you'll be seeing her on American Idol in 12 years, I'm sure! :)

What else? ... what else? Oh, FINALLY bought the camera I've been wanting! I'd like to get back into photography and My Boy is taking me to Hawaii next month (yeah, I know, I'm SPOILED!) and so I finally bit the bullet and bought the camera because I know I'll have some great photo ops while we're there and I wanted a good camera to get the best shots possible. It's the Nikon D40x .... ain't it pretty? :)

Yeah, I've been talking about that camera for awhile! I'm glad I finally bought it!

Also, I went to Jill Conner Browne's booksigning. Do y'all know who she is? ... author of the Sweet Potato Queen books. Man, those books are a hoot! And the recipes she includes are to die for (literally, they'll harden your arteries up in no time!). Anyway, here's a pic of her and then one I snapped of some attendees who showed up in "queen" attire! Too cute!

We've getting quite a few days of snow in Portland this winter, though nothing that has kept me home from work (dagnabit)! Still beautiful to see though. Especially so I suppose because it's been safe to drive in (yeah, us Southern Californians ... wusses I tell ya when it comes to anything but clear and sunny driving conditions!) :)

I can't think what else offhand. Oh, happy early birthday to my mama!

Okay, I guess that's it. Hope all is well with everyone! And next time I blog (if'n I am still in this Once A Month funk) I'll have Hawaii pictures to share! Whoo hoooo!!


T1 said...

First...If'n I have to come back out maybe I should come for Lifehouse?? (sigh)

Second...that awesome pub I told you about in Kauai? Closed. Ask M the Lawyer though. She's been there a lot.

Third...I can't believe you met THE Sweet Potato Queen! That rocks!

Fourth...speaking of food that will kill you...I forgot to tell you about the fudge recipe in Miss Paula Deen's book you sent me. Made with Velveeta! It is damn good! So easy even the queen of the micro can do it.

Okay. That's it. I hope you at least check for comments even if you only blog once a month.

Kat said...

Really? Velveeta in FUDGE?? Hmmm. I've got to admit that doesn't sound very yummy. (Which isn't to say that I would turn down a piece offered of course (hello, fudge!) but .... it still seems kinda weird!)

p.s. Velveeta still exists? Who knew? Next thing ya know you're going to say that Cheez Whiz is still around too!