Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year, everyone!!

And Merry Christmas! And happy holiday travels!! And happy birthday to me! And happy 21st birthday to my niece! And .... holy hell, y'all, ... it's been busy!!!!! :)

But it has all been good ... very, very good! I survived turning 40! WHEW! It could have been rough, but instead turned into quite the celebration! Or should I say, celebrations! I was treated very well (spoiled rotten in fact), and had a great time for days!

And my favorite part, my boyfriend C (MBC) made sure to text me at midnight the morning of my bday to make certain he was the first to wish me a happy birthday. Awwwwwww ... now isn't that the sweetest??? :)

I mean, sure, sure ... all the gifts he showered me with were terrific (including gorgeous diamond earrings .... hello!) but I'm not as materialistic as I am a sucker for being treated with utter adoration! And his staying up til midnight to make sure he was the first to wish me a happy bday ... yeah ..... bring it on ... I love that!

Plus, T2 and MBC went out of their way to throw me a lavish dinner party at a new restaurant (for us) called Roux! If you live locally and haven't been yet, get ye there and quick! And make sure to try the crawfish pie and the apple spice cupcakes .... just sayin' is all! Isn't this cute, the restaurant set the cupcakes up for us like this .... plus had some additional side tiers loaded up too! (I told you I was completely spoiled rotten on my birthday, right?)

So yeah, that was some good eats. And the service was fabulous too! Thanks Roux ... and thanks T2 and MBC and everyone else who helped me celebrate! It was perfect!

The celebration continued as I headed to Laughlin to see family for Christmas. I saw palm trees......

.... and seagulls......

... and ducks and fish (the fish are the dark shadows underneath).....

.... and a kinda creepy mailbox!.....

Okay, a VERY creepy mailbox!

..... and I inhaled yummy rum cake (don't drive rum caked ... cuz holy cow, that was strong!!)....

.... and, of course, had to have me some In 'N Out!

Mmm mmm mmm .... good eats! And as always, good to see the fam! (and the sun! (hey, we're midwinter here in Oregon, I've missed it! :)))

Now tonight is New Year's Eve and it is time to get all gussied up and party like it is .... well .... 2007! ;) I hope y'all have had a great year and I wish you and yours the very best for 2008!!!

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