Friday, May 11, 2007

Fortune Cookies for Everyone!!!

Hi y'all! Hope everyone has been doing great! Just wanted to make sure I got a quick post up here before I left. I head to China shortly so I'll be gone for several weeks! Whoo hooooo!

Not too much to tell regarding life lately. I've been busy getting ready for house guests (my sister's plane just landed!) and trying to get myself packed to go. So other than trying to clean and organize since people will be inhabiting my home unattended and LORD KNOWS what people might look through (this thought takes cleaning to a WHOLE 'nother level!!!! :)) ....I'm also dealing with that Packing Quandary. You know the one. You WANT to take 15 pairs of shoes cuz really .... you MIGHT need each pair .... but then your practical (or Lazy Side I should say) kicks in and you realize that you will be the one SCHLEPPING each pair of shoes around for weeks. So you have to ask yourself ..... "just HOW badly do I want each pair?
Can I REALLY only live with two or three pairs of shoes while I am gone?? What if it rains?? What if it's hot? What if I do the fancy Peking duck dinner thing?? What if there is the opportunity to snorkel .... why I'll need my water shoes!! And you don't know ... there COULD be line-dancing ... so surely I should pack up my cowboy boots!!!!!! " ARGH!

And that's only the quandary with regard to the shoes! I'm running into the same problem with regard to jackets, shirts, pants, pajamas (there COULD be a fire in the hotel!), jewelry, hair accessories, hats, sunglasses, makeup, hair care products, etc, etc, etc! MAN .... if only I could take my condo and fold it up into a tiny little square, tuck it in my pocket, fly to China, take it out of my pocket, unfold it and voila .... all my stuff!!! How SWEET would that be?? :)

One thing I DO know I'm not packing ... and that would be a bathing suit. In China I believe they have laws against foreigners frightening little children with the glare of pasty-white skin and an overabundance of cellulite! (which I guess then rules out snorkeling so I GUESS I can unpack my water shoes! Whoo hooo .... look at the progress I'm making!!!)

So this has been life lately! Oh, oh ... but I DID spend the past weekend at the coast for a Ferrari Charity event the local Ferrari Club holds there each year. I went last year too but I think I forgot to blog about it. (oops!). Anyway, for anyone interested in exotic cars, this is a FABULOUS event. They had 75 cars there this year .... mainly Ferraris, but also Lamborghinis, Maseratis and a couple of the new Aston Martins (my new car-to-be!!). A number of the Ferrari and Lamborghini owners take people out for drives for a small donation on Saturday and all that money is donated to a local charity. And when I say they take you "out for drives" .... I'm sayin' you need to hold onto your britches cuz they take you out for drives!!! Very, very fun!

And though that would be fun enough, I feel very lucky that my friend S owns a Ferrari so I head down with him in his car. A group of club members meet at Camp 18 (my favorite breakfast place) for breakfast and then caravan (very quickly (ahem)) on Highway 53 (a very curvy backroad) the rest of the way to the coast!!!!!

Here are a couple of pictures .....

A portion of the caravan while still on hwy 26. (Very blurry, I know ... sorry)

At the event, some of the cars lining up waiting for riders.

The new Ford GT ... not a Ferrari but SWEET!

I took a ride in that blue Ferrari 575. VERY NICE!

After an afternoon of the charity rides, the Ferrari club members line their cars up for display so the public can look at them while the club members go into a dinner event

I thought for sure S and I would be stuck waiting to get the car out after dinner but all the owners hopped right in, the center lane all exited first then the sides took turns pulling out. Why can't cars parked at concert venues exit this politely and quickly???

The hotel we stayed at was awesome because they ban the riff-raff (heh) from the parking structure for the weekend. Club members only! :)

One of the Lamborghinis

Ferrari F430

All in all a very fun weekend!

Okay, that's it ... I am off! Hope y'all are doing great and I plan on having many pictures and stories to tell when I get back from China! In the meantime, I leave you with a listing of some of the songs I just added to my mp3 player for the trip (I have NO idea why I am sharing this ... but there ya go! :))

Daughtry - Used To
American Hi-Fi - The Art of Losing
Bruce Springsteen - She's The One
Queen - Fat Bottom Girls (my theme song? ... heh)
Yellowcard - Breathing
Sum 41 - Still Waiting
Fantasia Barrino - I Believe (shut it!)
Bush - The Chemicals Between Us
Social Distortion - Angel's Wing
Live - Overcome
Bon Jovi - Just Older (you KNEW there'd be Bon Jovi, right?? :))
Rascal Flatts - Bless The Broken Road
Foo Fighters - Best of You
My Chemical Romance - Dead
Drop Kick Murphy - For Boston (this song especially rocks!)
Adam Ant - Stand And Deliver ( does this one! :))

.... to name just a few! :) Have a great May everyone!!!


Mark and MeLissa said...

I have a solution for shoe and maybe clothing issues - buy them in China if you need them. They make all the stuff anyway, right? ;)

Hope you have a blast!

shannon said...

have a fabulous trip.

Anonymous said...

Have a good trip! I'm jealous!


Miss you!